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I'm pretty sure it was Plants vs. Zombies. I remember signing up for Steam on a cheapo laptop while Valve had that free Portal deal going.

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I get slightly annoyed at the idea of teams working on remasters rather than on something new, but I don't lose sleep over it. There are probably plenty of folks getting new consoles that haven't played the games getting remastered.

Also, no one's forcing me to buy these remasters. Companies keep making these games because they turn a profit, not because they advance the industry as a whole.

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I won't mine the mountain of reasons why you shouldn't preorder a game, and instead just say: Before preordering, make sure you're OK with the game being bad.

For example, I'll most-likely preorder Fallout 4 because even though the chances of that game being mediocre or bad are pretty low, I'm OK plopping down $60 to see what a mediocre/bad fallout game looks like.

Some people aren't OK doing that. That's fine. But don't preorder if you belong to that group.

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Hope so. There wasn't much point using some of Fallout 3's DLC weapons they'd be unique, and consequently, unrepairable.

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Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, does a good job (my web traffic's pretty vanilla but whatever) and it doesn't bombard you with subscription/upgrade notifications.

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I shouldn't be this impressed with the number of people Austin interviewed for this piece, but I am. Keep up the great work duder!

As for the story itself, I imagine Valve will add nuance to the policy once public exposure highlights the cracks. Consumers might lose a few initial benefits in the process, but I'd say it's better start out liberal with the refunds.

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I'm dubious about whether this'll actually be the case. Microsoft needs to convince folks that an Xbox One is worth their money, and releasing it's exclusives to PC hurts that goal. It's not impossible as most consider the PC to be a neutral platform, but I'll have to see Halo 5: Guardians with the PC logo to believe it.

Folks in the know wouldn't talk about something like this on the record, but I've never read this site before. I don' t know how credible they are. Either way, grains of salt and all that.

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@twitterlegend: Then you need to compare how often you play old games vs. streaming movies, music whatever to your TV. If you can't hook up your PC to your TV through HDMI and absolutely need to stream, then PS3. If you want a 360 and are willing to plop down a few 20's on a Roku, as well, then that works too. I'm not sure what your financial situation's like, so the latter option might not be viable.

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Depends on what you need the old console for. If watch a lot of movies on blu-ray and don't have an alternative, then PS3. If this is solely for maintaining access to your collection of old games, then...whichever console has more games that you plan on returning to.

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I've been switching between Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Blades of Mercy. All my builds from the Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II had been hulking strength builds, and I wanted to change things up for Bloodborne. Blades of Mercy do decent damage, but they don't interrupt some of the larger enemies like Ludwig's does. Different enemies die by different blades.