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I live in Phoenix, AZ. I can't give you an exact figure for what I pay for internet as it's included in my rent. My Internet used to be "I'M MIXING COCAINE WITH BATH SALTS" fast when I lived in a dorm, but alas, those days seem to be behind me (I'm talking about 40 MB/s Steam download speeds. Yes, that's bytes, not bits). Google expressed interest in bringing fiber to Phoenix (and a handful of other cities), but nothing's concrete yet. I suppose it doesn't matter much given that I don't plan on staying here past graduation.

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It's not necessary to max out all your characters' stats if you're playing on Normal/Casual (not even on Hard, really). Most of the characters fit well with their assigned class roles, but second seals just give you added options. For example, you might want an extra myrmidon rather than a thief, or something like that.

However, not all the characters are cut out for the other classes available to them, so I'd check the Fire Emblem wiki ( if you're interested in straying from a character's usual promotion path.

Personally, I never used second seals except for Panne and maybe one other character. Most classes have their uses, and I never felt the need to double down on second seals except to bring a promoted level 20 character back down to 1 (they keep their stats, but you can continue to level them that way.)

Basically, I leveled my characters to level 20, promoted them, leveled them back up to 20, and used a second seal on them to "re-promote" them back into their class at level one. I'm not saying that's the "right" way, but that's how I did it, and my characters were more than capable of talking on the final boss. Hope that helps!

Edit: If you do check out the character Wiki, be mindful of spoilers. Skip the "profile" sections. The "overall" and "re-classing" sections have the spoiler-free information you're looking for.

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Mailbox, and they ditched the waiting period a while ago.

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Thank you, Joey.

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Another case of stupid people doing stupid things. Move along, folks.

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If you're referring to the part where Joel gets impaled with a piece of rebar, then my answer is "not at all"

TLOU's story is a proud achievement in storytelling and the whole rebar scene was just a small piece of that beautifully grim puzzle. The scenes of Lara getting horribly dismembered didn't have as much effect considering she always just walked it off and went on her little way. If anything, Naughty Dog demonstrated how to effectively wound a main character without it feeling like a cop out. I don't mean to shit on Tomb Raider as it's a fine game, but I doubt the game left anyone at Naughty Dog shivering in their boots.

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No. Tomb Raider was a decent reboot that I had quite a bit of fun with, but it's not even close to the same level as BioShock Infinite or The Last of Us (which are my GOTY contenders as of now). Gameplay was strong but the story was mediocre at best. I didn't give a shit about the characters because I was never given a reason to. They just bitched and whined while I scoured the island looking for a way off. The reboot was a success in terms of what a new Tomb Raider game could have been, but the story and overall pace of the game really held it back.

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Bad guy stabs you with dog. You pull it off and throw dog at bad guy's eye.

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