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There isn't any news on GTA V. There have been a couple of rumors about it but other than that, nothing.

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@nanikore said:
" @natetodamax said:
" @nanikore said:
" I didn't read that, but I can tell you that anime is for jerks. "
Are you that much of a Jeff Gerstmann dick rider? "
Are you too stupid to understand that it's a joke? "
You aren't stupid if you don't sense sarcasm in text form. (Unless it's really REALLY obvious) There have been times where I have gone after someone because of them being a dick and having them pull the "i was joking how could you not realize that" card. It's fine to use sarcasm, but sometimes it's nice to write something like "/sarcasm" just to make it clear that you are in fact joking around rather than having someone misinterpret what you say and start a flame war. Just my two cents.
Now to address the blog, I in fact do like anime, but I am weary of people who like anime too much. The people who go out and wear Naruto headbands in public when not at a convention and the like. Anime is great, but if you don't like it that's understandable too.
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Distirct 9 and The Hangover are pretty good.

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I hate shaving. I have a pretty good electric razor but it irritates my skin which can get annoying. Sadly, I'm not yet at the point where I can grow a beard by not shaving for a while. (I just look like I don't have good hygiene.

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My 3rd 360 red ringed a couple weeks ago and just received an email from microsoft saying they are sending one back so at least I'll be able to get some Reach beta in, but not for TNT.

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Gotta love this glitch.

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@TimAllen624 said:
" @Fullmetal216 said:
'nuff said. "
If I also can't get a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes then I would pick this too lol. "
Yeah, although it would probably kill your soul if anything... I can just imagine their price: $3.99 and 3 years of your lifespan.
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'nuff said.
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I would hit you up with some borderlands if my xbox wasn't sitting in some warehouse in Texas.

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The talked about this during the early days of the site, Jeff Gerstmann does mention that he specifically didn't want the site to have the word "game" in it. He wanted a name that wasn't really video game related, but awesome none the less. I think they did a pretty good job.