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So when's the bachelor party?

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Not all developers have the time and money to produce a demo

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ok i just have to try something or it's going to drive me insane...

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Damn, a lot of codes but a lot of people did that quest I guess.

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Interesting post... Tell me, does reverse psychology usually work in general? Not related to the post just curious.

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@Cube said:
" @Crixaliz said:
" @starrjack1 said:
" @kashif1 said:
" its brad, how he beat metroid prime 2 ill never know "
This.  He is obviously a capable gamer, does he just do really bad under the pressure of being filmed? "
He was really good in the Halo: Reach video "
Wasn't that Drew? "
They switched off in the middle of the video.
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You don't need to worry man, the 360 isn't going anywhere soon. As for it not breaking, that's a little tougher to reassure you on since mine got the red ring last week and I'm not getting it back before the reach beta. Also for the 360 rememeber: Xbox Live

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@Romination said:
" @Fullmetal216 said:
" Uh... I guess? Halo 1 and 2 are on PC so not sure the reason for the hype. "
yeah, but Halo 3 is conspicuously missing from that. Hence the question, i'm sure "
I suppose, I wonder if they will make the poor decision of having it on the wii as well. Although I doubt they will since they would need a whole other team to accomplish such a feat.
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I don't know, if I took a dump on a burger and put some bacon on it... well the bacon would make it better if you want to get technical about it.

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Interesting... I'm on a mac right now, but I'm getting a new PC soon so it doesn't matter too much to me.