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I believe there is some kind of motion-sensing, hence the inclusion of the Playstation 4 Eye. Hopefully they find some use for it other than mini-games and quick time gimmicks.

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The controller itself looks fine, but the touchpad is giving me sixaxis flashbacks/nightmares. I'm curious what the degree of sensitivity will be.

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@video_game_king: If I write story with less than three human sources for my news writing class, the highest grade I can get is a C. That said, you probably aren't going to get a lot of named sources willing to talk about undisclosed console information. The amount of trust they're giving this anonymous source is a little disheartening though. If you're going to publish what an anonymous source said, you generally want some additional proof to help you decide whether what they say is complete bullshit or not.

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I don't doubt the possibility of the new DMC having poor sales. I do, however, doubt the validity of VG Chartz's data in general. I'm curious to see how well the game sold on Steam, though we likely aren't going to hear anything. I'm amazed NPD doesn't count online sales when they count for such a huge portion of the market. There could be some factors I'm simply not considering, but it'd be nice if they were made a little more obvious.

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No. When it comes to video cards (and this applies to other electronics as well), you reach a point of diminishing returns. Yes, the Titan is the most powerful card out there right now, but you don't generally get your money's worth when buying the best of the best. A GTX 670/680 should be more than fine, while saving you a hefty chunk of change in the process. It's your money, and I'm not going to tell you how to spend it. But I think you can get much more out of a grand than a really nice video card.

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Currently using an Nvidia GTX 470. I can still run most current games on Very High/High, though I sometimes have to turn off some bells and whistles to maintain a smooth frame rate.

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Sounds like the easiest legal way to do this would be contacting a community manager at Visceral and ask for a code. You might get a dumb, corporate answer like "Sorry, the only way is to buy and play the wonderful entertainment product that is Mass Effect 3 on Origin!" but it's worth a shot.

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I used to think I was tall (6'2"), but meeting @glentennis threw everything into question.

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The final boss in Heavenly Sword. Fuck that shit.

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People have different quality benchmarks than others. What might not bother you could be a deal breaker for someone else. Reviewers sound picky because they are picky. It's their job to be picky. And it's their job to point out frame rate dips and ugly textures, because someone out there is going to care.