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72505 Battlefield 4 Game Overview The first release date was set to Nov. 12 rather than Oct. 29. 11/30/13 11:17PM 16 Approved
14712 Fez Game Overview Fez has a page on Steam now. 03/18/13 10:18AM 6 Approved
6920 ArmA III Game Overview Changed February to Feb. AP style and all that junk. 02/21/13 01:06PM 1 Approved
6919 ArmA III Game Overview New information. Arma 3 will use Steamworks, and thus, be exclusive to Steam. You can find the blog here for proof. http://www.bistudio.com/english/company/developers-blog/356-arma3-steam-dev-blog 02/21/13 01:05PM 39 Approved