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Some extra keys from the new Build a Bundle.

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An extra from the Indie Gala.

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Battletag: Perspicacity#1613

Difficulty: All

Region: USA

Class: Demon Hunter

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Remi Sklar, the vice president of Public Relations at Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, which makes numerous video games (though is unconnected to Bulletstorm), offered the following statement: “We don’t have a comment for that story.”  

Even if they're just fishing for hits, I'll still read them because I find lines like this to be genuinely funny. Part of me thinks writers at Fox don't even put any effort into these anymore. They just plug "current violent game" into the template of 'kids play games, games corrupt children, research evidence, ESRB is useless, opposition essentially says "what are you talking about" or "get with the times old man" ' and then print because well, they're Fox News. It's what they do.
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Whether because it booked faster than last year or because I was just too slow, the only hotels available are more than a short walk from the convention center. I was wondering if anyone here at Giant Bomb was staying at the Westin (the one connected to the convention center), Seaport, or Renaissance and would be willing to share the space with four guys. Keep in mind that we have no problem with sleeping on the floor, sharing the room with way too many people, or even paying a more than our share of the hotel cost. If you have any interest in this (money saving) arrangement, feel free to PM me.

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I'm assuming they are, but I need someone to tell me that most of those indie packs (fright, beat, etc) are on sale until the 2nd.

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@mazik765 said:

" I've never played it but Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners has got to be down that road...right? "

From what I've told by a friend who's into Lovecraft (as well as Wikipedia) this game is kind of like Shadow Over Innsmouth: The Game. 
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@Romination said:
" Chu Chu Rocket has to be there. With online. This cannot be argued. "
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I did some old-fashioned snooping around to figure this out. I even found old news articles and everything.