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@OllyOxenFree said:
" Oh boy! This thread again!  Anyways, everything is art.  Somebody might see the shit I took an hour ago as art.  In other words, anything and everything can be art.  If somebody says that video games are not art then that is just their opinion. "
This person is right, please read what they wrote and stop trying to create arguments. Art vs non-art  is just the old way of saying the work of the elite is better than the work of the rabble. Society accepts each new medium eventually, do we need to bicker in the meantime (it just slows down the process)?
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Just don't play arena. If you stick to the objective based maps, dying isn't too huge a penalty as you come back pretty quickly (immediately on some servers).

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@armaan8014: Absolutely.
@InfamousBIG:  You're not useless, without you we would just be a bunch of self-congratulatory artists sitting around talking about how awesome we are.
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@Video_Game_King:  I started this focusing on video game development because this is a site about video games and a lot of "Look! I'm trying to make a video game" threads don't seem to get much traffic. The thread is really for anyone who creates something whether they code, draw, sculpt, write, etc. I'm just here because I like to encourage creativity (and shamelessly plug myself) any chance I get. If you would like to be on the list as I guess, editorials?, then that would be fine.
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Since the Internet makes it seem so easy to be an independent artist, I have been trying to do as much. Of course the hardest part of all that (besides possibly making the stuff) is getting someone to pay attention to you. I (and countless others) have posted our game projects/aspirations to the forums in hopes of getting someone to notice you (they usually don't). This thread is for us. The idea behind this thread is that the various aspiring game developers (and other artists looking for attention) will be not only able to show off their work but also meet their peers in the industry. The peer involvement may very well be the most important function this thread serves. It is here where you can be told that what you make is kind of crappy AND how to fix it by people who (probably) know what they're doing.
I know that this may be a broad topic to make but I figured I would give it a shot. If it comes to needing multiple threads to keep things sensible I guess that can only be a good thing. In cases such as that I will make sure the main table here links to that thread so that this thread can at least serve as a convenient hub for indie works. Following is the said table and some guidelines that will hopefully keep the thread from devolving into nothing but self-endorsing spam. I got the idea of making a thread at Giant Bomb because it seems to have a good number of people who make (or want to make) games (and other creative works) and people who just enjoy playing (reading, listening, etc. to) them. Hopefully this will go well.
Also, after making this thread I will have begun PMing all the game creators I could find on Giant Bomb so if you know, or are, a game creator (or another kind of artist) feel free to PM who they are (if you know them) or join the thread (if you are them).


1. To avoid making the thread spammy, include your info once; after which it will be added to the main list in the first post.
2. Do not blatantly try to sell anything. It is understood that most of the creators will be trying to sell something and it should be left that way.
2a. If you have something new or want to mention a promotion, PM me and I will  update your info.
3. This is a place for discussion, not recruitment. If you want contact someone about work please do it through PM.
4. Do not post every single update to your project. If you have a major update that needs to be playtested, post the major changes you (hopefully) made and PM me so that I can update your info.
4a. If you are doing something other than game development, you will likely never have a major update.
 5. Please use the reply feature when it applies. It will help keep the conversation organized.
6. If your game is already on the Giant Bomb database it  will still be listed under "Projects"  but the link will lead to the GB page and conversations should be encouraged to be held there. 
7. Real names are optional although some people may prefer them for building a fan base.
X. If you can think of anything else important that I'm missing, feel free to tell me.

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 Perspicacity1 Andrew Baillie
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 Perspicacity!Games: DYWtWtG, Self-Scan 
Games (WIP): Futility

Jamez Gilman
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Games:  ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition 
Games (WIP): Biplanes HD, ezmuze+ 2, ezmuze for Apple devices 

Chaser Petit
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Games (WIP):  Ice Cube's Great Gangsta Rampage Escape to Alpha Centauri

Keir Miron
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Games: I Heart Shift, Tiki WIki
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Renegade Ego

Leonardo Novak
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Games (WIP): Bullet

RampantStudios ( Warrozo)
Danny Goodayle
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Games (WIP): Lazarus: The Missing Memory

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@Soapy86:  People who alphabetically sort anything using "the" as the first word are crazy people.
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My suggestions for the list:
Travis Touchdown 
Ryo Hazuki
Heat Man
Chu Chus
And since I think I'm a little late for Gordon Freeman (and awful at drawing) all I can offer up is this little drawing which I made because I thought the Black Mesa logo looked kinda like Gordon Freeman's head. But I will try my best at making an actual Leon even though I'm garbage at drawing.

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@JJWeatherman:  I'm just sayin', the original feels real flat compared to later Donkey Kong themed rap songs.