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EU LCS Regionals >_>

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Will check out the podcast later if you can get it working. Hope you carry on with this in some form or another since its just about the only LoL content on the site >_>

I've found pings/ss tend to get better as you get higher in level. Wards...not so much. I really dislike the rush to call positions and theres always that premade couple who insist on duolaning. Thats why I tend to stick to draft games.

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@tbk: Sure. Whats your name on LoL?

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@tbk: Yep, I've got tier 3 ad and ap pages filled in as much as possible ('m level 26) so now I can focus on champs. Just need a rune or two each time I level up to finish off the pages.

8 champs is a pretty small pool for my level right?

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@jazz: Yeah we got stomped, although 5 premade with a gold and silver vs 0 level 30s so I dont feel too bad. Hopefully you'll have some more luck on the new setup. Hows Nami? Tempted to pick her up while shes on sale even though I don't really play support. Could do with expanding my pool a bit, level 25 and only 8 champs. Spent all my IP on runes.

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Just got done with Knights of Sidonia and now starting FMA Brotherhood for the first time. Is Garden of Words worth watching?

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11 but havn't got any higher than gold in the arena.

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Make a US PSN account?

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I'm thinking about picking one up but heard FF Tactics runs like garbage, is that common for the psone/psp stuff or is it just a one off?