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I hope they keep that dungeon from DA2... SICK BURN!

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God damit. I cant believe i'm exited for news about a sequel to prey. How the hell did that happen. 
Im loving the premise even tough it should just feel stupid and forced. "Remember that last game that wasn't that good, well we accidently set it in the wrong part of town. Over there shits way cool" 
Its just such an interesting mash up of the old "Brutal alien invaders" and "Cool space society" scenarios. Like out there in primitive space you can harvest and slaughter the fuck out of less evolved races, but here in space city you better fucking behave dipshit, or the laws gonna get ya.

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Im sold on this. As soon as i understod the importance of the tile hights i got hyped for this game.
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I gotta say i actually completly love the music and totaly see the fit. You can see that he made the video around that beat.