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Super Mario Kart and Sunset Riders.

I recommend also picking up one of those SNES screwdriver bits and some cleaning solution. I've managed to get a lot of "broken" carts back to full working condition by opening them up and thoroughly wiping the grime off the connectors.

Also, I would assume the built in batteries would be dead by now for all the carts that use battery backup, so that's something to keep in mind as well. Never done it personally but I believe replacing the batteries requires soldering.

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Street Fighter is awesome and it needs to be on every possible platform! People are mad because they are passionate about Street Fighter. And rightfully so. Sure, there are other things in life but - let's be honest here - none of them come close to Street Fighter.

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PSN: Arkkitehti

I just learned about the gift/nemesis sharing system so I need me some friends to get in on that action. I will try to add all the people who posted here up to this point.

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That settles it! I'm starting my own business! A small one that is!

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@holycraplions: Yeah, same thing happened to me. Game resets after beating Mog Chothra and suddenly Vella is back under the tree with her sister calling for her in the background.

EDIT: Just saw on the Doublefine forums someone reporting the exact same thing (reset to beginning) happening to them with Shay's part, which I haven't yet touched personally. Apparently they are aware of this bug but it might not hurt reporting it again nevertheless.

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Added everyone who posted here in the past week. Please add me back.

FC: 4785-4304-8862

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Added everyone new (I think) on pages 12 and 13. Please add me back.

FC: 4785-4304-8862

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Your Safari is Ground type (Sandshrew, Nincada)

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