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My name is Peter LeBlanc and  I live in Ontario, Canada. I own an Xbox 360, a Playstation 3, and a gaming quality PC. I also have a PSP and DS but whose counting handhelds. I've been mainly playing my 360 but im just waiting for that special game on the playstation 3. On the PC i really only play counter-strike 1.6 so if anyone wants to play my steam-id is LeBlanc217. In my spare time i take martial arts, i shoot archary and shoot an assortment guns including both semi and full auto rifles and handguns. I also like to write stories in my spare time, attempting a novel currently and so far it is going well. I work at schomberg Sunoco which is funds all of my gaming purchases (which as you all know gets pretty damn expensive). Thanks alot for checkin out my page, Happy Fragging!