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I've been waiting for so long, please just come out already

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@KaosAngel said:
" They have nothing in common...why are you comparing them?  One game is a fantastic game and the other is worse than TooHuman. "
Well they are both open world super hero games which have been compared many times. I dont have the money to buy both right now which is why I ask. 
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Howcome inFAMOUS? Im just curious on what sets it apart so much

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Ok so Friday I'm picking up one or the other. I played the Prototype demo and liked it, wasnt a huge fan of the comic book style though. Prototype looks very cool aswell, Im drawn to the gritty combat. Both look awsome but I'm only getting one. Can anyone give me an idea on which one would be better? 

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haha I only wanted the image I saw on google images, never knew it was a site which gives names of people who have betrayed America

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Ikaruga man, awsome Japanese shooter. Play the trail

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Little more zoomed

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Its this imgae:

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What the fuck does that even mean? I cant view sites that are too extreme?
Blocked under "Extreme"

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KaosAngel said:
"it takes about a week for apple to say ok...relax man"
Maybe longer for something called "Giantbomb"