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But I think trophy sync is finally gone, can someone confirm? No more waiting 5 hours  just to compare trophies with your friends.

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Its just ridiculous. This whole thing started because when getting a game off PSN theres a field in the method (with a few changes) that allowed you to get the game for free (promotion options I guess) which is absolutely retarded. The fact that they dont encrypt the info while they send it (not just CC but all personal info) is also bad. Theeir dev server was running an old version of apache with "known  vulnerabilities", this whole thing is just sony being lazy. 

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Also I can't verify its authenticity 100% so I guess take it with a grain of Salt but the stuff they're talking about and the way they're talking about it seems legit. I just Thought this might be a big thing and wanted it to be on giantbomb first

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I'm a programer myself so I can at least somewhat appreciate what they accomplished, but no what they did (in terms of personal data) was of course 100% wrong and no one deserves that, sorry shouldnt have been so blunt.

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Proves how imcompitant their security really is, they got what was coming.

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Conversation between hackers of psn, enjoy. It's not a virus so don't worry.

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Just found out I randomly have like 2200 xbl points, what should I get? Was thinking beyond good and evil because I've never played and ive heard nothing but good things. Other games I was thinking are pacman cedx, limbo, braid and maybe serious Sam but if anyone has any better ideas I'm all for them.

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@nk19: I like this idea
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I think the hardest part will be when Im at home because both my roomates smoke and we have a smoking room. They're bad influences :-P
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@DrPockets000: I would say I smoke most in the car, anytime I go for a drive no matter the distance I'll have at least one. My work drive is 20 minutes and I have 3.