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In the case with Rainbow Six Vegas its boring, but with say megaman battlenetwork ooooor Halo it somehow works.

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lol its giantbomb, so addicting

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Tired? Its 4:32 am here and im pretty damn tired, what about you guys?

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I love both games so dont mistake me for a Bad Company hater (or COD4), however lack of customizable weapons, only 1 game type and poor party setup definetly weaken the expirance,however thats after COD4 raised the bar to a whole new level.

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One thing im curious about is if there going to issue refunds of some sort for Themes and Pictures packs, seeing how we cant use them anymore (Im assuming)

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Ok so Im sure most of you have seen the new Dash and its Features, what do you guys think of it? I dont much care for the new look however its kinda growing on me. Also I think im going to have to get a NetFlix account, I mean 10,000 movies on Que, I like it. The party system is also cool but not really sure how its gonna work, does that mean all Multiplayer games are gonna have to use a party system now?