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Also to anyone saying the old layout was generic, it wasnt so much generic but simplistic which is what all blog sites should be.

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Fucking hate it. Plus because Gizmodo is affiliated I have to deal with 2X the bullshit.

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Been smoking since 12, am 19 now and want to stop. My main motivation is the money as I couldn't care less about the health benefits (I'm 19, im invincible). I've heard a few mothods like the lollipop thing ect but Im wondering if anyone else has any methods because I'm willing to try anything if it will help.  
Or if you haven't and love smoking like I used to what are you smoking? I used to smoke  DuMaurier (canadian here) but then my buddy brought me a carton of Marlboro Red's which you cant get here so after I finished that I smoked Camels for awhile.  

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Video podcasts for when I'm hanging out at home and I wanna listen to the bombcast but I dont feel like just laying down or doing nothing while I listen. Also maybe a Game Club similar to what rebel FM does where the staff picks a game to play through and have weekly podcasts about it. That would be rad...

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smoked a ciggerette under the table

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@CL60 said:
" No youtube spam. "
Stop sucking up to the mods this was funny as hell. His face at the end was priceless
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Has anyone heard anything about whats happening with whatever the next endurance run is?

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@CptChiken: Fucking grinch
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Hire jared k?