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I read that as "Do you belive in Margarine". Yes I do belive in Margarine, easier to spread

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Here in Ontario is midaswell be legal no one seems to really care, legal all the way

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@buzz_clik said:
" They cloned two more Jeffs. "
makes the most sense
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 is there such a case where a first party title has been released on a competing platform Ie.A nintendo game going to a sony console or vise versa  

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@CaptainObvious: God damn you, I dont think I will get work done ever again
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@Alias01:  Not a big fan of tower defence but should hopefully kill time
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I'm in a terrible class and I need something to play. Anyone know of a good flash game to kill time?

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whatever happened to this? 

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@TheGremp said:
" I believe this is relevant.  
"were sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the US"
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@PowerSerj said:
" @Peter said:
" @myketuna said:
" Man, if you really have a concussion good on ya for coming on here and posting. Must be running off instinct and auto-pilot, but you should really go to the hospital. Doing a quick google search on the city you listed on your profile, you either live in Europe or Canada (from what I gather) so you should take advantage of that health care, man. lol.  Seriously, go see a doctor. "
haha i think theres a schomberg in Germany, no sir I am in Canada 
" You'll feel fine after a half-dozen advil and a healthy amount of sleep. "
Im in Canada man! Tylonol 3's all around! Seriously though I get bad headaches and the doctor gives me 30 T3's a month. Fucked up country no? "
Then fucking take Tylenol 3's, whatever. Just don't be a coward and run to a doctor. "
to those saying go to a hospital: This. 
 lol its just not worth the drive, figure I'll stay up and ice it for a bit then get some rest