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Only the good die young. I can't believe I'm sitting here crying about an internet personality passing away. I wish Ryan could know how much we all genuinely loved him. My life 3000 miles away will never be the same. I'm sorry, GB. It's a sad day. I'll be celebrating everything Ryan ever did for us today. We were lucky to have him for even the short time we did. He was a gift.

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Good for them. The more people who play Saint's Row the more likely the next one will happen.

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Rape is one of life's greatest violations. It's dehumanizing and violent. With very, very few exceptions it is largely violence at the hands of men against women. That's what makes it such powerful trash talk. It's centered in the idea of dominance of the most evil kind and it's evocative of male on female violence. It's powerful speech. It's used between males referring to each other because our society values men differently than women. Men feel devalued when they are referred to as women. If I tell an opponent that I'm going to "rape him like a bitch" I'm invoking sexual violence and gender roles to dehumanize him. This is predicated upon the idea that women are lower class humans.

THAT'S why some if us take exception to this shit. When we see villainy and tyranny in the world we almost always see sexual violence and the dehumanization of women. When I see the same stupid fucking behavior coming from my peers it makes me really angry. It propagates the same tired bullshit that should have died with my grandfather. I can't believe it's 2012 and the people arguing that it's cool to be a fucking asshole of the highest caliber. Shame on you. Someone in these comments said that community has higher standards because they're accepting of gay folks and transgender folks. Well, bully for them. The rest of us don't take credit for not being assholes. We just don't threaten to rape any bitches and feel fine all day long.

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Steam: Johnny Arcade

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I can't think of an instance where a commenter's credibility is threatened more quickly than a time when he or she is upset over a single critical review (in a sea of positive reviews) of a product he or she has yet to see. But that's about as far down that rabbit hole I'm willing to go with those people. I expect decent people to ignore stupid shit on the internet and not be assholes and in turn I try to ignore stupid shit and try not to be an asshole. Most folks make it very clear very early which side of my attention they deserve to be on. People who use the term "fag" make it easy. Or people who stress the wrong letter in a word. "Faggggggggg" comes to mind. Double trouble!

Secondarily, I count articles like these to be among the reasons I do my video game media shopping here and I genuinely hope that this kind of thing continues.

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@Singen: Get right out of town! On Reddit?!?

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I had flickering issues before the ATI driver fix that have now been solved. The screen tearing was really, really bad until I forced vsync at the driver. All seems to be well after the driver update. Recommended.