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In my first year (studying physics) I had a gaming PC and boy, what a mistake. It's way too easy to start playing games all the time when you can play almost everything on steam. I currently use a $400 thinkpad with ubuntu and windows and it's good enough for my needs (Basic programming in python, matlab, and C). It's a good idea to put heavy gaming aside in your first year so you can work hard at your studies and have time to try new things or hang out with friends. After that year you'll have a good idea of what it takes for you to do well in school and then you can figure in gaming time.

EDIT: In my opinion, high-spec laptops are a waste of money. They never last as long as a desktop of comparable quality, almost always have fan/cooling problems, cost tonnes of money, and can't be upgraded. If you really want a high end PC, just get a desktop.

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I will never understand the compulsion to finish a game you're not enjoying anymore rather than starting something new that you might enjoy more. If a game keeps me hooked, cool. If not, I stop. Beating a video game is hardly an accomplishment worth striving for.

Totally. As long as you're having fun it doesn't matter if you beat the game or not. A lot of games become a slog after a handful of hours anyway.

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Does this mean a Vinny-produced bombcast each week from the east? Oh baby.

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I'd be willing to play one just for some variety. I would prefer though that it took place in a lesser known area of the war. I don't know my history well but how about some parts in Africa or play as the Chinese vs the Japanese or hell, play as a German.

Chinese vs. Japanese would be very interesting if they managed to tell a good story. I don't think I could play another game from the perspective of the Allies.

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I don't see what the issue is with docking some points for the art-style seeing as it's part of the experience. It's like Leisure Suit Larry; the game itself is alright, but the humor is unbearably juvenile so a mediocre score is justified.

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@belegorm said:

Never played their adventure games, but I did play some of their other games, such as Caesar III, which is a classic.

Caesar III/Zeus/Pharaoh/Emperor represent!

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Salò, or the 120 days of sodom, there is simply nothing else that can match how horrible it is to watch this movie.

Came here to say this. My roommate and I had a hard time watching this; I've never been so uncomfortable watching a film.

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You can't have a meaningful introspective moment if your mind is busy with a game.