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Fortune Street.

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Writing this morning on Twitter, Kojima revealed the figure was built using "soft materials" that allowed for elements of the well-proportioned toy to be "pushed and lifted, lol".

God bless you Kojima.

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@petiew: huh? Where have you seen that?

Whenever I've tuned into a Japanese stream that has AKB on it they've always managed to play that commercial. Feels weird.

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If you had said Acchan I was going to fight you

The girl who stars in those sanitary pad commercials?

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The “scrub” in Scrub League means “people who don’t typically play a lot of games and will have no idea what they’re doing.” We don’t have a pool of people like that in this office.

Jeff pls, we both know that's a lie.

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I think that's some royalty free track that GB have used before streams start.

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When you reset time you keep any major items, warp points and learned songs. The best way to tackle a dungeon is to reset and slow down time and then take on the dungeon from the very beginning of that cycle.You generally get access to a dungeon by completing a quest and learning a song. You just need to do this quest once and when you reset time you can just warp to the dungeon and play the song.

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As I understand it getting 2 dudes to record a thing almost every day takes a tole on the schedueling they can't afford. Recording a metal gear scanlon whennever Dan and Drew are available seems more manageable.

Endurance Runs were never recorded every single day. They did a few long recording sessions and then cut it into separate parts. It's really apparent in the P4 ER as Vinny keeps making jokes about it.

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Endurance Runs have basically been replaced with some premium content like Metal Gear Scanlon. You have to pay for premium if you want to watch them now.

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