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If something this universal never gets translated, especially after the casual audience for Hyrule Warriors, I'll lose all hope of Dragon Quest VII and Monsters on 3DS ever being translated :(

Well, there might still be hope after all.

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@jeust said:

I liked the game, but was disappointed with it, especially because of the battle system, with the broken AI, the repetitive structure of the story, with the emotion collecting, and the overworld, that for a game that relied so much on charm, having a isometric perspective on the overworld killed part of the magic.

Those are pretty much my feelings on it as well, though I didn't mind the overworld too much. The sidequests are terrible and the battle system is really clunky especially with the cinematic attacks the bosses use that cancel out anything you were attempting to do. I enjoyed the atmosphere but after the second town they really seemed to cut back on production values.

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@techhits: @hailinel: Did anyone ever figure out if it's worth getting the first game if you have Curtain Call? I actually have both but I'm wondering if I should give the first one to my brother. I haven't played a ton of the first game and don't have any of the DLC either.

Nah if you're going to get one just get Curtain Call, it has most of the songs from the original plus the DLC they released.

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Fuck these birds, am I right?

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I really hope they change the rules for Smash this year. People were cheering against the underdog because they didn't want to see it drag on for another hour last year.

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The gameplay is pretty awful but the overall experience is definitely worth it, especially for 20 bucks.

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@oscar__explosion: Yeah and it was awful there too, but for the most part he kept his original personality. At least in the first game, didn't play Ultimax's story.

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@little_socrates said:

Haven't hit the Persona 3 cast yet, but if the same love is given to the characters, this might be the best written Persona game yet.

Akihiko is terrible in this game, they ran with the awful protein obsessed idiot idea that P4A started and made it even worse. Other than that and some out of character Junpei moments they haven't messed with the characters too much.

Playing on the P3 side I appreciated being able to tell Yosuke that I would never let him into the party.

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Raising orphans, beating up dudes with some simple but satisfying combat, QTEs, ridiculous minigames, collectables and sidequests backed by an interesting story.

The recaps are lengthy and good enough at telling you the basic story, you'll miss some references in later games though.

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I already imported it a few months back, but stopped playing when one of the translation blogs I was following went on hiatus. Will definitely be getting this day one. I played through Kiryu's chapter and half of Saejima's and it was great.