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@oscar__explosion: Yeah and it was awful there too, but for the most part he kept his original personality. At least in the first game, didn't play Ultimax's story.

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Haven't hit the Persona 3 cast yet, but if the same love is given to the characters, this might be the best written Persona game yet.

Akihiko is terrible in this game, they ran with the awful protein obsessed idiot idea that P4A started and made it even worse. Other than that and some out of character Junpei moments they haven't messed with the characters too much.

Playing on the P3 side I appreciated being able to tell Yosuke that I would never let him into the party.

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Raising orphans, beating up dudes with some simple but satisfying combat, QTEs, ridiculous minigames, collectables and sidequests backed by an interesting story.

The recaps are lengthy and good enough at telling you the basic story, you'll miss some references in later games though.

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I already imported it a few months back, but stopped playing when one of the translation blogs I was following went on hiatus. Will definitely be getting this day one. I played through Kiryu's chapter and half of Saejima's and it was great.

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Yeah, it's more likely to be a SMT than a Persona game.

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Unless you're planning to get into the competitive scene there's no real reason to min/max especially through the main story. If you want to get the perfect pokemon you'll be breeding rather than catching them anyway.

Just catch whatever pokemon you like the look of, try to get a good mixture of types in your party and you'll beat the main game easily. People generally create a separate competitive focused team after they've finished the main game.

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The internet is already policed. I know that the UK already has a number of laws that have been successfully applied in cases of major harassment and threats online.

Anything more would just be people stamping out things they didn't like or agree with.

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Despite thinking Naruto has been terrible for more years than I was actually interested in it, I enjoyed the ending. It was the first anime/manga I really followed so it feels weird that it actually finally ended. I remember spending hours and hours a day marathoning through the chuunin exam arc when I was on summer holidays from school. I really liked the references Kishi and Oda put in their chapters as well, nice to see them acknowledge each other.

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I bought a Wii U last week despite thinking I'd never get one. Bayoneta was a factor in the decision but i've been enjoying the few games I've bought and there a number on my list that I'm still planning to buy.

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@viciousbearmauling: Is that still true in Ultimax? I had heard that the match was still in Liz's favour but was more even than before. I've not really had much time to play but Elizabeth's changes and the fact I hadn't played this game in ages are making her seem really weird to use. Sucks that she's still pretty low tier.