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And as awesome as 5 looks, if it makes you play through each character one at time it may have the same effect. (although having 5 different cities may help)

I've been slowly playing through 5 with some translated cutscenes, summaries and guides and even despite that the game is pretty damn amazing so far.4 out of 5 of the playable characters are people we're already familiar with in the series so I don't thnk it suffers as much as 4 did in that regard, plus not running through the same places over and over again as each character does certainly help.

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I liked the way they changed up the twist for the second game. In Danganronpa 1 the characters were all kind of jerks, killing people for their own selfish reasons. The twist being they were all friends and were tricked into being terrible people. While in DR2 I felt most of the killers were portrayed as more sympathetic with the twist being they were tricked into forgetting what terrible people they were.

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Pushing this topic up because I too want to know: how do you go about getting some Buckfast shipped to the states? Can you just purchase it off

I don't think so. Even if you can you shouldn't.

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I'm fairly near the end of the first trial. I'm enjoying the story but the class trial has really made me not want to play anymore. I didn't enjoy the minigames in the first game, and I feel like they're even worse in this one. The (improved) Hangman's gambit isn't improved at all, it's just longer and even more annoying. This is kind of the same problem I had with VLR, where the gamey parts were often just an annoyance preventing me from getting on with the story.

The minigames will probably click with me eventually and won't be as annoying, I hope anyway.

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Persona 3 = Shadow killing and drama with a few wacky high school adventures.

Persona 4 = Wacky High school adventures with a bit of murder mystery.

P4 is more focussed on the fun aspect and hanging out with these virtual friends. I preferred P3 overall in regards to story and characters.

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@killercombo: It's region free this time. Screw supporting the European publisher!

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I'm sure this will get modded and/or deleted almost instantly but I'm actually very dissapointed that most of the gaming press covering this have jumped instantly to the defence of these well known developers and condemned anyone complaining as a jerk or an asshole.

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Congrats Vinny, and good luck.

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The only video that you'd ever need.

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It's been so long since I played so I can't really give any specific advice but you should be using pretty much every role that's available to you.

Buffs and debuffs are key in this game, so you should have a paradigm composed of synergists and sabotuers. Sentinels have a passive damage reduction so if the enemy is winding up for a big attack switch to a sentinel paradigm to minimise damage. Commandos deal the most damage and slow the stagger bar, so it doesn't immediately diminish. Ravagers are best at staggering the enemy, which is key in every fight, so switch between commando and ravager roles to prevent the bar from quickly draining.