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Do you guys hate fun?

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@corruptedevil: The 2nd and third pictures above have little weather icons in them just above her SP meter. One is cloudy while one is rain and there's an HP up arrow next to it which makes me think it might be a mechanic.

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Yakuza isn't the most neglected, but it's the one I'm most buttmad about. Just localise 5 already Sega!

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If I have the choice of character and race creation I always create a female with the smallest possible size, highest pitched voice and then kit them out as the burliest, tankiest class.

My FFXIV Realm Reborn character was a 3 foot, green haired Lalafell Paladin. I just think it's amusing having that character soaking up hits from massive dragons like it was nothing and leading the charge into battle.

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I just finished Golden and didn't hate Marie as much as I was expecting to, so this is pretty cool. I'm not a fan of Arc's practice of announcing DLC characters for games that aren't even released yet though.

From the pictures above it looks like she might have some kind of weather changing mechanic like in the Golden epilogue. Could be interesting.

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Of the ones I've owned and tried what I noticed right away was the tutorial for SFxT and Blazblue are both awful while the ones for Injustice and MK are pretty good.

I'd actually recommend Blazblue for having one of the most comprehensive fighting game tutorials currently available. It covers everything from movement, basic attacks and the different system mechanics to cancelling, mixups, anti-airs and even gives individual character strategies. I remember MK's being very basic and barely touching on any system mechanics.

Skullgirls is also coming to the VIta soon and has a great tutorial for new players.

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@floating_knives: The actual netcode is good. Even 1 bar connections are pretty playable as long as you let the intro animations play out.

I haven't ventured online for a long time, but the game was basically dead on arrival in Europe. You'll probably find a few people still playing but there won't be a ton of rooms up.

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I never got around to watching the 3rd movie, but isn't there a lot of evidence suggesting that the Rebuild movies are a sequel/continuation of the original series?

I feel like most people watching these movies have already seen the series, and coupled with the fact that the movies have a shorter runtime than a full series I didn't mind them skipping out on some of the more in depth character development.

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Lightning Returns. Lame story, boring quests and some bad technical/graphical issues.

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That sucks. I was playing through Golden recently and Troy Baker still killed it with Kanji, the cast as a whole is very strong too.

I played Arena with the Japanese voices though, so it doesn't bother me that much.