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@floating_knives: The actual netcode is good. Even 1 bar connections are pretty playable as long as you let the intro animations play out.

I haven't ventured online for a long time, but the game was basically dead on arrival in Europe. You'll probably find a few people still playing but there won't be a ton of rooms up.

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I never got around to watching the 3rd movie, but isn't there a lot of evidence suggesting that the Rebuild movies are a sequel/continuation of the original series?

I feel like most people watching these movies have already seen the series, and coupled with the fact that the movies have a shorter runtime than a full series I didn't mind them skipping out on some of the more in depth character development.

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Lightning Returns. Lame story, boring quests and some bad technical/graphical issues.

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That sucks. I was playing through Golden recently and Troy Baker still killed it with Kanji, the cast as a whole is very strong too.

I played Arena with the Japanese voices though, so it doesn't bother me that much.

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More diversity is always welcome, but someone like Elizabeth Simins is not someone I want to see spearheading that campaign. I only needed to browse through her twitter account to see that there's no point in taking this seriously. The thing reads like a parody.

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Dragon Quest VII! If this is fake (most likely) I'm going to be so dissapointed.

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@video_game_king said:

Can we all just agree that AKB48 is just the fucking worst?

Why's that? Their music is hardly inspired but it's catchy enough and largely inoffensive. I like them enough that I sat through the entire 4+ hour election that aired yesterday.

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@humanity: To be honest as long as you know your basic moves and when to use them as well as some fundamentals you'll do well enough. 1 frame links and combos aren't necessary to play competitively against 90% of people online.

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@fredchuckdave: The retail release isn't full price and I believe it comes with all of the DLC costumes. It's actually quite a decent deal for new players.

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Paying for balance updates

and 5 additional characters.