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@lukeweizer: This is the way I heard it, not sure if completely true. Injustice was gonna be a side game at NCR(like how BlazBlue or KI is being run) because it hasn't been getting large enough turn outs . This caused the Test Your Might forums where most of the Injustice/MK players hang out to throw a fit and boycott the tournament. The NCR crew was then basically forced to cancel Injustice because instead of getting a small turn out, they got no turn out.

That's dissapointing They should be showing how interesting their game can be, like Smash and KOF did, instead of boycotting the entire thing because they didn't get the primetime stream.

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I guess I should list JRPGS I have played recently

Bravely default

Persona 4 (and 3)

Considering P3 and 4 were PS2 games, and the fact you only read a review of Conception 2, you make it sound as if you haven't played many JRPGs recently (Even if you meant P4 Golden). Seems a little ridiculous you're calling every recent jrpg sexist based upon this.

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Yes, the video reviews probably influenced me more than the majority of quick looks. 90% of quick looks kind of make the game they're playing look bad.

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If you want to play an anime style airdasher get Blazblue Chrono Phantasma.

Persona 4 Arena has been out for a while and the player base has decreased a lot so finding games online will be more difficult. P4A is a decent game with the bonus of lots of Persona fanservice, I think BB is a better fighting game. So if you're not a fan of the persona franchise it won't seem as interesting.

Oops, as for the actual question: You'd really want to play P3 and 4 before jumping into this. It doesn't expressly ruin the major story points (aside from one of two) but to be honest the story in P4A isn't great to begin with. If you're not already a fan of the characters I can't see this game making a positive impression.

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Yeah, run past them! I found the made wielding guys to be insane with my 2 handed melee character. You can just run straight through to the end of this level.

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Yes, it's one of my favourite games of all time.

You should really play IX too, that game has a ton of content and is really fun.

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From what I understand, yes. I didn't get to the end of Dream Drop distance but it seems like it'll lead directly into the events of KH3. The story of KH3 will probably revolve around the events in Birth by Sleep as well, since Dream Drop distance and the KH2 ending heavily hints at it.

If you don't have any knowledge of those two games at all I feel like Kingdom Hearts 3 will be even more incomprehensible than the series usually is.

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From what you've described it sounds like you're already past the point in the game where you should know why they can't do that.

As for why the High Summoners, they probably accepted their death after defeating Sin since there's no reason to become an unsent.

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Expert is more open and lets you customise your characters to a greater extent than standard. For example I taught Yuna some level 1 black magic before sending her down her own healer path right at the beginning of the game and I sent Tidus on a detour to Auron's path after setting a +4 strength sphere at an intersection.