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Spamming any move without thinking is the easiest way to get destroyed by a player who knows what they're doing.

Fireballs let you control the distance between you and your opponent and restrict some of their options. If you throw one out without thinking it can easily be jumped over, negated with an invincible attack, etc, leading into big damage against you so it isn't like it's cheap and unwinnable against. It's a legitimate part of the game, even if it can be annoying to play against.

Complaining that the guy threw out too many fireballs would kind of be like him complaining you hit him too many times and that's the only reason you won.

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I've not really had much time in the last few months to log in but you've convinced me to buy another fighting game Mike.

If my physical copy gets here in the next few weeks and no one minds a 0 bar connection then I'm up for playing. PSN is Petie_w

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There's no point in buying anything other than Ultra.

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She's not going to survive the zombie apocalypse with hair like that.

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@ravelle: If you ask Jane twice she'll drop down and try to save Sarah, but she gets hit on the head by a plank of wood and gives up eventually. So Sarah dies either way. Also if you choose not to steal the supplies the dude still claims that you stole from him (Jane steals his gun whatever you do) and the encounter plays out the same.

I've always tried to defend the game because I felt that even if your choices didn't do anything in the long run the meaning behind why you picked them still mattered, but this episode soured me on this. Nick and Sarah die no matter what and contribute nothing, Jane always leaves, stealing/not stealing still gives the same outcome, giving Rebecca the medicine won't save or even prolong her life, climbing through the shutter changes nothing, etc.

Also when Kenny is in the tent the scene focuses on a big bloodstain that's left by Sarita if you kill the zombie instead of chopping off her arm. This happens even if you cut off her arm instead and is just lazy as hell which annoyed me.

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Do you guys hate fun?

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@corruptedevil: The 2nd and third pictures above have little weather icons in them just above her SP meter. One is cloudy while one is rain and there's an HP up arrow next to it which makes me think it might be a mechanic.

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Yakuza isn't the most neglected, but it's the one I'm most buttmad about. Just localise 5 already Sega!

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If I have the choice of character and race creation I always create a female with the smallest possible size, highest pitched voice and then kit them out as the burliest, tankiest class.

My FFXIV Realm Reborn character was a 3 foot, green haired Lalafell Paladin. I just think it's amusing having that character soaking up hits from massive dragons like it was nothing and leading the charge into battle.

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I just finished Golden and didn't hate Marie as much as I was expecting to, so this is pretty cool. I'm not a fan of Arc's practice of announcing DLC characters for games that aren't even released yet though.

From the pictures above it looks like she might have some kind of weather changing mechanic like in the Golden epilogue. Could be interesting.