GTA V controls bugs

Does anyone have similar issue?

While driving or shooting(mostly in intense situations) your fingers are on both sticks and triggers. But in many cases my character jumps of the plane or car, or takes out the phone in the middle of shooting.


VITA name

Allthough VITA name also suits SONY's latest portable device, it would suit next PlayStation product even better.

First letter is V which also can be read as fifth. Vita is indeed PlayStation's 5th big product.

But VI(6th)ta would be fine for PS4 if SONY were behind MS in naming.

I just do not understand why there is no commercial, where it starts from PS1 as I and go up to VITA with ITA slowly materializing after V.


To Buy or Not to Buy?

Can anybody convince me to buy Nintendo 3Ds.  
I am not Nintendo fan, though NES was my first game console in 1989. 
I own 3 big consoles and PSP. 
I bought Nintendo mainly for WiiFit. No time to play Wii. Maybe my daughter will use it someday. She is under 3 years now. 
But I've got some very good boost in salary. 
But I am not sure if DS games will be for me. 
I know for sure that PS Vita is day one purchase. 
But please help me to decide. And kindly advise some games.


Kinect in the movie The Island

There was a scene with contactless fight and XBOX logo all around the place. 
So they use Kinect to entartain clones. 
Then there are so many thoughts. 
Are these factories with clones exist. 
Was NATAL abreviation for "Not Animals, They Are Livestock" relating to the habitants carrying organs?Or something else. Even Microsoft didn't now the meaning.
So Kinect was expensive prototype. Then when technology for motion tracking became affordable they moved it to masses.  
I wished I could see that movie now to write more precisely about it.


What TV should I buy for gaming?

I bought Samsung 6 Series 46" FullHD. 
It is very nice TV. 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB, Ethernet. It has built-in media player for viewing Videos and pictures from USB or network. 
Games look great. But not always play that way. 
First thing I did when I hooked it to my console? I did latency test using Beatles Rockband Rickenbacker Guitar. 
 120ms for video and audio dissaponted me. 
It is great for most single player games. 
But I miss in quick times events here and there. 
Playing online is no better, because it has its own latency as well.  
I have sound coming out of y PC speakers when I play rockband.
So I play several games using FullHD monitor instead. 
I would like to find out the panels above 46" and receivers with 0 latency.


What to by first?

So I have mate on my ship. 
He wants to by PS3. And he wanted to get iPhone. 
But then he had 600$ on his hands. 
I was telling him to buy PS3 for 340$(in Hong Kong 360GB model), FullHd Monitor and maybe move and few games. 
But he spent all his money on iPhone. 
Now he regrets this. He is playing on my PS3 with me. 
And because there is no GSM coverage in the ocean, his iPhone is a fancy pad for scratching. 
And I am joking that by the time he is back in Hong Kong the price for that iPhone model will drop dramaticaly, but PS3 will mostly be of the same pricepoint. 
I think he realised his mistake the moment he came back on ship.  
PES 2011 and PS Move made it more clear. 
Do not invest in things that ou can not use now. Especially if they become much cheaper with time.


What about controllers?

It looks to me that Dualshock 3 and XBOX 360 controller need revision. 
I was wondering if right analog stick can be replaced by trackball. Or touch sensitive area. 
That particular part can even be made replacable. You just remove the module if You need one or another.


Number of USB ports in Playstation 3

Can we stop complaining on the 2 ports in PS3? 
Common! Realy.  
USB ports are like space on HDD. Its never enough. 
You need one for PS EYE. 
The second one is for synchronizing Your things with console and eventually connecting external memory units. Unlike XBOX360, You can copy media to PS3 HDD.
That is NOT RECHARGABLE Station!!!
If You own lots of controllers buy charging station. 
SONY made a good thing. They are the only ones, who made all their controllers with built in baterries. 
But it looks that after that they are blamed for lack of USB ports on the system. 
Just think how nuch You have to pay extra for competitors batteries.

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