Electronic Paradise

Many of us hear stories about certain places. 
I am talking about Hong Kong.  
There is a certtainity that You can find any piece of hardware or software on that island. 
I've been there on several occasions and had no success in finding staff that is extremely popular in other places. 
I could not find English version of WiiFitPlus in Early 2010.  DjHero for XBX 360 during same period. 5 months of game release and everybody is starring surprised. 
It is almost 2 months since RockBand 3 release. No software, no instruments. 
Or maybe I was looking in wrong spots?
You can find that staff on Play-asia.com.


Precision of PlayStation Move

So I bought PS Move, Sports game, and 3 rail shooters on single Blu-ray.Time Crisis Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates.   
I made all purchases in Hong Kong and returned on board of my ship. 
It was very precise. 
But then I start noticing that controller detects every cargo movement. 
My vessel is Huge. It is 350 metres long and 42 metres wide container ship. And it takes about 100 tonnes ta change its draught by 1cm. 
I can say that Wiimote with WII Motion Plus did not consider the ship movement and slight rolling. 
Wii Fit sometimes could not calibrate and it was mostly me who could not stand still in Yoga pose. 
I wonder if someone tested PS Move on Train or Plane.


My few games of 2010.

After announcement of LittleBigPlanet2 and Gran Tourismo 5 I felt that Only that 2 games can suck the time out of everybody. 
Killone 3 & Rockband 3 and You are fully packed and ready for 2011. 
I think that the games will become platforms more and more. 
LBP2 is my early Game of the 2010.

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