GTA V controls bugs

Does anyone have similar issue?

While driving or shooting(mostly in intense situations) your fingers are on both sticks and triggers. But in many cases my character jumps of the plane or car, or takes out the phone in the middle of shooting.

Posted by jimmyfenix

Nope, It seems strange maybe it is an issue with your controller ? I haven't experienced any bugs like that.

Posted by Claude

Sounds like you're doing it wrong. Which I've done by accident. Wanted to get out of a car before it stopped and rolled out of it while the care kept on rolling. As for the phone, on the PS3 that's up on the D pad, so no.

Edited by Petruccio

I tried with 2 controllers. PS3 version. I really was annoyed to replay some mission several times when my character jumped of the plane. My fingers were not touching face buttons or D-Pad. I do not remember this to be an issue in other games. But thanks

Will have to look in resetting controllers.

Posted by Nodima

I've had this happen with a DualShock 3 and NBA friends use it just fine, and it works perfectly for me with other games...but whenever I play 2K with that controller, it calls random plays when I press the pass button and it'll shoot when I'm just trying to do a crossover. One of the stranger things I've ever experienced considering my friend uses that controller and beats me consistently.