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Maybe some games will carry this update on the disc as well?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but PS3 also had firmware update at launch.

SONY and MS also wants to know how many consoles were sold and connected to boast numbers.

This was an expected thing? I believe there will be many upgrades in the first year

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I tried with 2 controllers. PS3 version. I really was annoyed to replay some mission several times when my character jumped of the plane. My fingers were not touching face buttons or D-Pad. I do not remember this to be an issue in other games. But thanks

Will have to look in resetting controllers.

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So what do you say after Valve's new controller?

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RIP Ryan

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Allthough VITA name also suits SONY's latest portable device, it would suit next PlayStation product even better.

First letter is V which also can be read as fifth. Vita is indeed PlayStation's 5th big product.

But VI(6th)ta would be fine for PS4 if SONY were behind MS in naming.

I just do not understand why there is no commercial, where it starts from PS1 as I and go up to VITA with ITA slowly materializing after V.

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I do not play on my PC. Have problems with XBOX360 points. So I am waiting it on PS3. Played demo on my XBOX360. Good Game. I like the narration. Reminds me Bard's Tale.

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PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset with 7.1 sound and retracktable mic

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@Axxol said:

@Petruccio said:

Well. I was listening to the Bombcast. And came up with name. 360 is recognisable brand. The logo is ready. X on the Ball.

That's just lazy. And it sounds lame.

Was XBOX360 innovative