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@fisk0 said:

Interestingly enough, they got the most of the votes in parts of the country where there are very few immigrants, and in the cities with the highest amounts they only got about 5% of the votes.

That's not really an accurate representation at all, where did you get that from?

Though the issue is probably more complex than just staring at immigration numbers (though that does put other things into light as well).

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I still, to this day, remember my first reaction to FFVII; "Why are their hands blocky? That looks stupid."

A friend of mine played it religiously. I beat Ruby Weapon for him on a whim after he had tried for a full day, not sure what he was doing wrong, wasn't really that hard. I remember enjoying the atmosphere of the game a lot though at the time. Actually, thinking about it, I think we had a group of us finish that game together. Good times. Though I didn't enjoy the religious FFVII fanboys that popped up everywhere online at the time with their Sephiroth avatars.

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@arbitrarywater: Been playing about 3 hours of it and enjoying it so far. I played a bunch of Endless Space, but at some point the AI in that game just ruined any fun I had. Also, I never felt like I was making any substantial progress anywhere even if I was. I think what sets Endless Legend apart from Endless Space is the fact that EL is much more eager to tell you about your current status. Or in other words; what things are, what to think about and what to do next. It all feels a lot more clear in EL than ES. I don't feel like I'm trying to figure systems out as much as I was in ES. But as said, I am a mere 3 hours with the game so that could change, I suppose.

I think @tennmuerti covered most of the things worth bringing up though in regards to gameplay specifics.

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I used to party a lot more when I was in my late teens and early 20s. But as the years have passed, friends moved and I made a few drunken missteps, it's not something that happens as much as it used to. I still think a really successful night partying is some of the best times you can have. But there's a lot of things that need to go right for that to happen. And as others have pointed out, I think it's a complete fallacy to both A; consider a club a great avenue for a "party" since it's such a mixed crowd and you really need to create a bubble of your own with people for it to even be remotely enjoyable (unless you're super social) and B; to go out with the mentality that you're going to hook up with someone as it puts such an unnecessary pressure on the situation.

To be honest though, while I don't miss the negativity that can come with a bad night out, I do sometimes miss the way you just let go of shit some nights and just had fun and were open to whatever happened next. It can be pretty damn liberating.

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If I would to make a list of three games to compare and one being Destiny, my other two games would be Borderlands and Diablo III: RoS because of what the offer you as a result of their respective loot system. On one hand you have Diablo and it's rewarding loot system that seems to have found a really nice balance of loot that is ranging from completely useless to major upgrades in your arsenal. I recall finding loot that even when I found technically better gear, I was hesitant to upgrade because I really liked what I had. But suddenly the game drops that bomb, the loot that makes you forget about that. You could have upgraded (or just changed your stats horizontally) along the way with some other comparable gear to what you had or slightly above, but you held out and suddenly you got that drop that changed everything all over again.

Borderlands on the other hand, while similar, had a different thing all together. Sure, you got better weapons at a steady pace. But more than that, you continually got different weapons. Variations on a theme. Or out right stupid weapons. They weren't all useful, but they felt unique. If Diablo gave you new weapons that were useful but similar, Borderlands could give you weapons that were downright useless but still something you messed with if only for a few minutes because why the hell are the bullets flying in waves? So you kept looking for the next thing. It didn't necessarily have to be better, you just knew it would be different. And that was a value all to itself.

Destiny's loot system feels like a carnival game in comparison where you might as well just grind out the value to buy a specific object instead of hoping the wheel will stop somewhere between 23-27 that you put your money on. It's made worse by the fact that rarer engrams still contain the possibility of garbage. It makes finding a legendary engram not feel as exciting as it should be. As it stands, you're just playing a larger set of numbers on the wheel by that point. And even if you find something worthwhile, what differentiates it visually is generally a color scheme. But that's beating a dead horse at this point.

I wish I could get the diversity of Borderlands (without the crazy, considering Destiny's overall vibe) but the usefulness and general upgrade loop of Diablo III. I don't mind the "light levels" thing as a concept, I am just not sure 20 is a high enough level cap. Actually, the more I think about it, the less I really understand the point of levels in Destiny in the first place. I mean, I can get the concept of "light levels" but since most of your skills and weapons upgrade itself individually from your own levels, what do you really need them for other than a way to make light levels look bigger than they are? I digress.

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Man.. I'm sorry for your loss. Well wishes to you and your family, Jeff.

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As someone actually working in a factory, that quote from the simulation article tells me more about Ian Williams and his life experiences (or lack thereof) than it does about the popularity of those games.

I don't think those games are popular because of some high concept philosophical need to experience "a real job", I think they're popular because it is a well constructed version of a really dull thing. Without any of the negative aspects of those experiences. It's easy to ironically find enjoyment out of that.

What is interesting though, to me, is why the abstraction of an activity into game form turns it into a more attractive activity.

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A a fellow Swede who considers SD to be laughable, I think it's tragic that they got so many votes. But I don't think getting alarmist about it and making them out to be the devil will help get voters away from them. I'm sure it will just strengthen their convictions considering the martyr PR campaign they have rolled prior to election. But more than anything, I'm just disappointed that the people that voted for them (for one issue) also voted for the rest of their garbage politics and politicians. I mean, they've had so many tragically pathetic missteps over the years it's a miracle they're still taken seriously by anyone.

@rethla: The other parties have no obligation to serve those 13% though, they just need to convince those 13% there are better alternatives out there.

@icemael: The issue is that financially speaking SD's calculations on the topic are suspect at best and completely fabricated at worst.

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Hugo III: Jungle of Doom is a game that I remember trying to play when I was a kid on my dad's old Windows 3.1 machine. I remember always hitting a wall and never knowing where to go next. On that very same machine my brother and I used to have a ton of fun playing Scorched Earth, which is a game I know has been mentioned even on GB, but that's more or less the only place I've ever seen it talked about at all.

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Been using the WWE Network now for a little while. I think that although their tv-deal regarding Raw and Smackdown is hurting the overall appeal of the product, it is getting me into NXT. And NXT is pretty damn good. Matches are eventful, active and exciting. And I keep coming back to it every time there's a new one out. Not to mention some of them actually have an interesting or fun persona to work with.