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The ones I've used here have only been 4 over the course of all the years I've been here. Which is a surprisingly small amount since I probably would have had a new one every month in previous places. Or maybe I've just found avatars for myself to be less important to change all that much. But whatever, aside from the skull I have now (it's from a photo I've taken), I've only used these three;

As to why I change, probably for the same reason I decide to cut my hair. It's one of those things that you see and go; "Man, fuck this haircut." But until that point I don't actually give it too much thought.

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Sleeping Dogs all day!

I've given up on the whole idea of a "backlog" since it would probably at some point be half the games I own. I'll finish the ones I finish and the others.. well, I'll just chalk it up to them not holding my attention enough for me to stick with them and that's their fault.

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If at all possible, bring someone with you that really knows cars. When I bought my current car, it was helpful to have a second set of eyes (and ones that truly knows cars in and out) and a second set of opinions to listen to.

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@splodge: Awesome, thank you for all that! It's more than enough to get me going on them though. I found that teleport summoner spell just as I got back into checking out all of those sub-features (masteries/spells/etc.) in ones profile.

Yeah, the item builds definitely takes some getting used to. I'll take your advice and stick to the recommended stuff, otherwise I know I'll stare too much at what gives damage and completely play a character sideways.

Also, I saw I could "unlock" (in the shop) characters that are the ones that are free to play, I am guessing that means they rotate out which heroes are free unless you've unlocked them at which point you've always got access to them?

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@splodge: A bot match and a human vs bot match under my belt I would say the game is pretty easy to play mechanically (though going to base to buy stuff takes some getting used to). So far I've tried Ache and Jinx, both ranged so I need to check out some melee fighters next. The map feels bigger than Dota, but not entirely sure if it actually is bigger or if things are just more spacious and characters move slower. Because the character movement (and tempo of the overall game) feels much slower than Dota 2. The free characters I see are Ashe, Garen, Jinx, Lux, Ryze, Master Yi, Riven, Varus and Wukong. Got any insight to them in general (well, you covered Garen already)?

Also, is there a way to transport from base or is it all transport back and run out?

But overall, first impression of LoL is pretty good. Well, I am obviously ignoring the community aspect. Had someone wanting to report me for being a KS noob in the "hey, want to play with humans against bots" thing after a tutorial bot match. But that feels like it's to be expected.

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@themanwithnoplan: I had that exact conversation with my wife after I read this. I pondered if there are things currently in development that are so far ahead of where we think technology is at that it would shock us to find out.

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@splodge: Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I'll probably start dabbling with bots first just to see how the game functions mechanically if nothing else. I don't need to ruin anyone's fun by jumping straight into it without any sort of handle on anything.

@tobbrobb: Missed your post, thank you for the tips as well. I can see that curve being useful though if you're completely new, but yeah unless I really find it really compelling it's just curiosity more than anything. Don't think I have time for two mobas in my life. Especially not when I am trying to get some buddies of mine into Dota 2.

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You know, I'll just download and check out League. Easier to have an informed opinion if I did as opposed to dismissing it for not being the first moba I got into. Hell, I remember thinking Dota 2 looked really boring at a Dreamhack once. And now I am more into it than I ever was into Starcraft 2.

And I think that's sort of the case for a lot of people, Dota 2 just came out at the right time in the right way. Dota 2 came out when I figured I would give mobas a try and I think it amassed a certain hype and people wanted to be part of that zeitgeist. At the time League was already established and had it's audience and for me personally I am not even sure it had a Mac client at the time.

hat being said I don't play either and think they are mediocre games with only a fraction of the skill ceiling that a truly competitive game like StarCraft 2 has.

I don't think that's the case. On a fundamental level the strengths you need as a player on either side of your preference is two completely different types of competitions. One is a one vs one game and the other is a team vs team game.

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Just came back from a week away and saw the news, good to finally hear about the new additions to the crew. Welcome both of you, really looking forward to see what you guys add to the site (I'll be diving into some new crew content in just a minute).

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I got it working somewhat well (my issue is more eyes looking crazy) and I have a big beard, my main issue is with the fact that the game treats the game face as holy and you can't alter hairstyles or beards on your game face once in the game. So you have to sit on their site and guess which of the options there translates to the ones you want in the game as they're not the same or even similar.