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An excellent game with a gameplay standard that never get´s old 0

Back in 1991, the SNES received a game that would not only stun critics and players for it´s addictive gameplay, but also for it´s revolutionary "Mode 7" graphical interphase that created an unparalleled sense of speed and environmental depth that no other game had at it´s time. That game was, of course, the original F-Zero. Asides from F-Zero X and F-Zero GX that used their respective console´s technical power ro reinvent the games once again, not much has changed from the original formula, rel...

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This game is, in one word, breathtaking. 0

I consider myself a huge, i mean HUGE fan of racing games. Both sims and arcade styled games appeal to me, yet, when I first played F-Zero, I just had to say "This isn´t like anything I have played before. It´s better".There are two main aspects that anyone needs to know about any F-Zero games: it is a futuristic styled racing game, and, more importantly, it is insanely fast! This game doesn´t stray away from the basic formula, instead it improves it and takes the franchise to a whole new level,...

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Astonishing... 0

Mario Kart Wii is one of those games that offer both lighthearted fun for casual play, as well as some gaming depth for a more serious type of player. The game has improved vastly over its Gamecube predecesor, gathering more elements from the DS version than the GC format. Yet, this is a pretty good thing since it is a sort of "back to basics" for the franchise, however adds some elements to keep it fresh.The game has no story or background, however, most racing games don´t have one either so th...

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