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Yeah the Gray's Anatomy idea sounds good, maybe write an inspirational birthday message on the inside?

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I am having a good time with Hearthstone and it plays perfectly with just one hand.

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The end of "End of Watch" made me tear up.

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I think they are cool and complement traditional teaching methods. It also allows education in remote areas in a cost and time effective manner. Some universities also have free lectures and courses which I think is neat because learning is rad. On the whole hiring thing I would not discriminate on the basis if their degree or qualification was online, at the end of the day the skills and personality of the person matter which you can get a better idea in an interview.

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Captain America The Winter Soldier - 4/5 stars. A solid sequel, kept me interested throughout, exciting action sequences and some thought provoking themes.

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Yeah running it on an emulator looks pretty nice, the graphics scale quite well thanks to the amazing art. A proper HD remake would only address the low res text, unless it was a complete re-make. Since I have completed the game 100% on PS2 I think I would rather another DQ entry. That being said I love DQVIII.

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I second Dragon Quest 8 , it's one of the few JRPGs that I have finished top to bottom. It has a stellar art style, especially the character and monster design, thanks to acclaimed artist Akira Toriyama. Mechanics are simple to start but build over time to become a solid turn based combat and robust crafting system. Story is standard but main cutscenes are voiced rather charmingly (the main character is silent) and best of all it has a sweeping orchestral soundtrack that I still remember fondly to this day.

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Mouse and keyboard. I have heard that controller works pretty well.

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@sharkethic: I've played about 12 hours so far, I have friends who have it or are getting it so i'll probably play it on and off for a few weeks. While 15 maps is nice I feel like the game could really use more variety in game modes. I seem to have the most fun in Last Titan Standing and Hardpoint. It would not surprise me if I get at least 40 hours out of it. It also helps that I haven't played COD since MW2 and a Battlefield game since 3, so I'm not suffering from shooter fatigue. Liking parkour and giant robots helps too.

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Being an Aussie I find these parts especially entertaining. Especially when I hear how weird our cities sound in an American accent. For the record nobody likes Canberra.