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Reading the original Kickstarter page and the list of features sounds super ambitious, even for 500K. It almost reminds me of the pizza tycoon who pitched his MMO. Not to mention this was the developer's first title. To me it seems that the project was a unrealistic idea from the start and merely got funded by the existing fan base. It's a bummer all round.

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Thanks for sharing Patrick.

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@starvinggamer: Blizzard has admitted that people going first have a slight advantage, weirdly enough I win more games with the coin. I have been playing a lot of priest lately which rarely "attacks first" and I win more than I lose.

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A big part of enjoying an RPG is exploring a world and being immersed, having environments lazily reused over and over bummed a lot of people out, myself included. I didn't mind the slightly more action oriented combat because the underling tactics were still present. I loved DAO and clocked it under a week but I struggled to maintain the same enthusiasm for DA2 (I got half way) and I have yet to finish it to this day. So nay I say!

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I never liked the word "grafting" but it's almost too perfect of a word for what you have done here. The low poly model is less terrifying and pretty neat.

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Put me down as interested, I'm in Melbourne but I would not be opposed to trying it over the internet.

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I use... both ( I swear I'm human!), glasses most of the time, contacts for physical activity (sports, running etc) and for some social occasions. Wearing contacts for the first time can be weird, I definitely empathise with the naked feeling and they can cause eye dryness after a few hours. On the other hand they can be pretty useful and I would encourage trying them out.

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Al'akir isn't unusuable, synergies that work include flametongue or rockbiter weapons. I'm pretty sure I've seen it used at competition level by Ekop. The kidnapper and twisting nether have been dead cards for me, slightly lower mana costs for both would be nice.