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@captain_clayman:I'm pretty sure memes are ideas that can be described to spread in a gene like fashion, which means they can replicate, mutate and undergo various selective pressures within a culture.

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Nope, DNA has genes not memes.

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When any art style is done poorly it wears thin. I still like pixel art in general.

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When I was younger I was pretty into the rogue archetype, but now I am more of a mage person.

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@crembaw: The minimum wage is roughly 15 AUD which works out to be 13.56 USD an hour. That being said it's more common to tip for lunch and even more so for dinner. Not out of obligation though, rather it's if you had good service.

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Nothing. In Australia tipping is a weird American thing. Then again our minimum wage is better than yours.

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I found a flaming spear and a "chef spawner", which spawns an npc that will sell me ingredients.

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I've eaten one of those duck eggs with a fetus it in, it looks terrible but doesn't taste that bad.

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Pokemon Blue 40+ hours was in the middle of the victory road cave, tried to save and my batteries died. I was 7 or 8 at the time, I cried. :(

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EV training isn't necessary but it can help. First off I found double battles easier (you can use 4 pokemon), especially when using Mega Mawile which you can pair up with a trick room user such as Reuniclus. My mawile (intimidate ability) has sword dance, sucker punch, iron head and play rough. My Reuniclus (with magic guard ability and life orb item) has shadow ball, trick room, focus blast and psychic. In the first turn I mega evolve and sword dance, while my Reuniclus uses trick room. This will let you always hit first and hard after one turn of setup. Both mons should be able to take a hit during the first turn. I made it to the 60s using this core strategy and only lost because my other two didn't pull their weight.