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There are a lot of people that look for and enjoy mechanics first, and narrative carrotsticking second (or third or fourth). Most of us are from the days of gaming where that's all there was.

I understand that many people love stories and narratives and characters first and foremost in video games, but some of us don't. To each his own. There's plenty out there for both sides.

That being said, MotN isn't anywhere near as good as Thief, but it plays better and I enjoy it more than any stealth game I've played since the Riddick games, and that goes for MGS as well. I wouldn't put MGS and MoTN in the same category anyway.

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@MordeaniisChaos: Yep. I'm basing my wild guesses off of what I did see, and you're basing them off of what you didn't.

Really though, I'm just being difficult :) I get irritated by graphics showcases since frankly how advanced a game's rendering engine is is utterly, utterly meaningless for me. I don't care how it looks if it's not backed up with some relatively interesting and well-implemented mechanics that haven't been lifted wholesale from the current sales leader. Most people seem to have the opposite reaction to game footage though.

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@sofacitysweetheart: Human Revolution and Rayman Origins say 'Hi'.

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@MordeaniisChaos: I'm almost certain the game will consist of exactly that, and little else. If that's what they want to show off, they most likely consider that to be the focus of the game.

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From what was shown of Star Wars 1313 it looks thoroughly unimpressive once you get past the visuals. Bog-standard, even.

Watch Dogs at least has an uncommon aesthetic and what looks to be some new twists on GTA-style gameplay. Both of which are welcome.