Halo Reach beta breakdown(so far)

Alright, so my first experience with the Beta wasn't that great, technically, because the servers were not working from time to time and then they were offline totally.
But in the time where I was able to play, I got a great impression of the game's overhauled MP experience. Almost everything has been tweaked and tuned to the maximum without, at the same time, feeling too different. They have done a masterful job with that.
The graphics have definetely been improved a lot, the games runs with a very solid 50 fps clip, the sounds of the weapons have been replaced with extremely good and punchy sounds. Really, I don't think I can go back to Halo 3 or ODST without a sour feeling in my throat. 
The matchmaking worked great, we were in a party, we found other players fast and there was absolutely no lag, which suprised me the most. Halo 2 und especially 3, had some really annoying problems with lag, but it seems they finally got that solved.
 As mentioned, the servers went down after a few rounds, so I will play a little bit more tonight. Bungie already said that they are aware of the server problems, they already did something, but they also said that a few performance problems will still be present for some time.
So, what are your experiences with the beta so far?


So, Giantbomb, huh?

Well, yeah, just posting this to try this function. Been reading here since the beginning, basically but did not create an account, don't know why. Too lazy, I guess.
Looking forward to interact with this community, which I hold to be the best around. But I feel some anti-German tendencies on this site, which is unfortunate. I encountered that in the Xboxalypse-Marathon, I have been called "Nazi fagxxt" etc. pp. Not very nice, you sirs.  It's rather narrow-minded.
See you around. :)

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