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Well, since it also was a bar fight scene, this music fits perfectly I guess :)

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Oh, so I am not so much into review "numbers" for a game, for Timeshift I pretty much ignored them and still had a lot of fun, but those worry me a bit. I mean 5/10 from Eurogamer seems harsh.

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I pre-ordered it and I am very excited for it. I watched a "First 20 minutes" video today on youtube and liked it very much. But I also liked "Timeshift", so you go figure. ^^

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Update: It's still there. ;)

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Oh god, that light bulb looks like a really big, stretched smile. :>

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Hey guys!

I didn't find a thread for this so I guess it has not been reported yet: Ever since you switched to your new equipment, I hear a weird reverb, everytime someone stops talking. It is hard to describe, I hope I can make it clear: the audio quality itself is allright, everythings fine. But with my headphones I can hear a slight reverb for a split-second when somebody finishes a sentence. I don't think you hear it on speakers that well.

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I am playing the game atm and I also could not continue and I thought it was broken, but you need to use some of your items on "yourself", for example the mail at your home etc. Also try to use all of your items on every person you meet. The game only continues after you do all that stuff.

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What I found kind of odd while watching the "Now Playing" of this game at Gamespot, were that the characters animation were janky as fuck and the controls seem to be total ass. Of course I do not own Yakuza DS but just looking at it wanted me not to buy it. Binary Domain on the other hand, while still not being totally awesome in the control/Animation department, looks and feels way better. I find it a bit weird that a game from the same studio can animate and control so differently. If I am not totally mistaken, Gamespot mentioned that the Yakuza team already changed the whole control system for the western market.

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In a first review of a German website over here they say the story and characters are well worth it, the action is Gears-y but competent with just a few gameplay sections that feel stretched.... So the whole premise is interesting to me but I will wait until it is cheaper.

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@Beforet said:

I'm so happy to see a company self-destruct in real-time.

"Previously on Ocean Marketing...". :D

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