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Exactly, looking at how much it costs do just download the game should remove any local influence on the price or cost to get a box there. It should be equal to the US price because of the exchange rate. My guess is the number of digital copies is limited, restricting supply.

But you found it for $51AUS?! Link your fellow Australians.

I have used this website before, as have many of my friends and had no troubles (even with Origin keys), but obviously do so at your own risk etc. etc.

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You guys are all talking about taxes, but when I look at a world map Australia is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by ocean and developing countries that are unfortunately unable to experience the awesomeness of gaming at our level. I bet it costs a bunch of money just to ship something there.

I don't live there, so I don't know everything, but when your country's on the other side of the world and has to import most of its video games, prices have to be high, right?

I think the main problem is that downloadable titles are significantly more expensive than in the US even when adjusting for exchange rates. For example, some Steam pricing is localised (I believe), so it's AU$90 for the newest Call of Duty or whatever, which is >US$90 at present exchange rates. That's my main issue with it anyway, as the cost of serving a customer is only bandwidth (which understandably is more expensive in such as having to have local servers, but that alone can't account for the price difference).

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@daedelus: it's not that the minimum wage is completely irrelevant, as that relates to price levels. I think a better example is that it's just a situation where Purchasing power Parity is not holding.

Anyway, I live in Australia and have ordered the game from a CD-key website, so I get an Origin key sent to me on the launch day for AU$51, so no complaints here (assuming I don't get impatient as the servers crash while everyone who bought digitally is downloading).

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Just want to point out that fat does not turn in to muscle, you still have to lose it and build the muscle. They can be done simultaneously, but that would require a strictly planned diet.

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Undoubtedly Archer.

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Louis CK, Shaun Michallef and Adam Carolla.

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We've only a limited selection here in Australia, but I will defend the merits of Cheese Supreme to the death.

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GameBoy: Pokemon Red (I never had a GB, but this was the game I got with my GBC, so it counts)

GBC: Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

DS: New Super Mario Bros.

PSP: Lumines

Xbox: Forza Motorsport

Gamecube: Mario Kart: Double Dash

Xbox 360: Viva Pinata

Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

PS3: Burnout Paradise

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Any episode where they have to buy a car each of a certain type for under X-hundred pounds is always hilarious, for not only the challenges but the cars themselves and the hosts' opinions of them.

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Mario (Super Mario if I have to be specific)