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Hey guys I really like this game, but you're all disappointed in me. I can tell.

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@MadScientistCat said:

@aurahack said:

So, I worked up two designs quick. They're rough and could use refinement, but the core ideas are there.

I need a better color scheme for the second one. :| I'd appreciate feedback from y'all, though! :'D

This is fantastic! Definitely my favorite of all the cool designs I've seen in this thread. Incorporates all the key elements: team brad, tango down, achievement, & badass brad while keeping it uncluttered and looking like a real shirt that even us stuffy adults can wear. Also, I agree that making one of the generic army men silhouettes into an Eric Pope silhouette would be great too. I would totally buy this shirt!

This is definitely my favorite design so far. And I agree with the Pope silhouette.

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@SupernormalStep: Genius

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Team Brad on the front
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Here is my #TEAMBRAD shirt idea. But I cannot decide whether I prefer team brad printed on the front or back

On the Back
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I don't understand the problem here. It's a shirt you can wear it where you please... The problem is not the hashtag or the "Mile High Club" the problem is you. All ideas should be welcomed.

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

"Drop it to the floor make that ass shake" -Big Sean

I didn't think this thread could be so thought provoking.

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I love that PAX '08 video. I got so excited seeing Rich Gallup now as I was back in '08 when that video first went up.

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This is the first decision I had to think hard about. I love all these guys.

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@Coafi said:

# E3 mystery

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