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Granted as a second hand user of a xbox one (my friend's xbox one) I don't really think its worth buying a system over. It's great fun but not a system seller. If you have some other games lined up to play on xbox one (Halo collection) than sunset overdrive may be the tipping point.

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So did anyone pick this up? I almost did but then saw there was already $10 DLC, so I decided to wait for some more impressions and a possible holiday sale.

Yeah I have put 20 hours or so into it and i think its a great game. If you like animal crossing with a bit more rpg elements, it will be up your ally. I would also add that Multiplayer is awesome in this game. If you have someone to play with and break up the different life styles with its great fun.

@cateblya: I did not have too much of a problem with the backtracking and i would also agree it falls in the lines of skyrim with the number of quests you will get from random people. The key for me is when you get into the swing of things you will be working on several things while questing or backtracking so it does not seem like a pain.

The game is also really great about letting you warp back to town or your life master. Many of the knights on guard can warp you to the start or end of a dungeon or enemy area. I like to give a special nod to the story and characters because i find it really well done in a charming kind of way. Props to the localization team because the writing is pretty great in this game. Light and fluffy sure, but i have had many laughs from the story.

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I dig it, like the mix of a cooler head in the bomb crew now that brad is host. Also yeah the open minded opinion on games is great which is missed from drew and vinny.

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@dagas: They really just want that top spot this holiday season so they can gain some traction in mind share.

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It's very much the same has how fondly people think of golden eye. It set the standard for shooters on consoles at that time. Halo set how online shooters should work and created that connected environment when it came to shooters on consoles. I think its something that may be lost picking it up now given how many of these things have become standards.

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Was watching streams of this and it maybe half dark souls half god of war. Seems pretty cool like the sound of weapons and armor clashing.

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I'm sure they will get around to doing it.

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I don't really let the crew or reviews for that matter change my opinion on a game if i like it. I just take their opinion for what it is and move on.

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I'm sorry but i see this as a bad idea and it floats in the same area as pay to win and pay to continue unfortunately. One of main problems is no matter how good the game may be if you keep losing and having to spend more money it just feels like punishment. This creates a feeling of mistrust within the game and normal cheap deaths start to feel like money sucking difficulty spikes. I would also bet that some devs would use this tactic to make money and create these difficulty spikes.

If you think about it this idea has been done already with arcades back in the day. This type of play is not the same experience when you are playing games at home. You also saw many arcade systems designed just to eat money or play coins just to turn a profit on the machine. The last problem i see is this would create a large amount of charges when it comes to the games you named where its normal to die over 50+ times.