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@humanity said:

Never mind the fact that the PS4 version is going to look and run better to boot!

Yah but sadly the PS4 version won't fix the rather half baked gameplay, sadly!

Need more information, because this does not compute.

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It works pretty well but i don't think it works for something that requires fast reflexes or no lag inputs. I use it often for non intense game play that does not depend on fast actions.

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I don't know why this is news worthy as there never was any words of this happening. Also when has a hd remake had a discount program aside from upgrading at launch of the xbone and ps4. I say you can wait for a deal if you don't want to double dip, as i'm sure by holiday there will be some kind of deal on it.

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I think it was about 20k which i should have known better but i was confused as to which fog door was a boss battle and walked right into a boss room and died. Rushing back to the boss room i died from some random hoard of enemies.

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Not that long ago i believe i toke notes on animal crossing trying to remember random facts about the villagers in my town. Normally if its a deep puzzle or just trying to remember a series of things i take some notes.

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I'll be picking up the PS4 ghost edition.

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Well for me it's Assassin Creed 3 being that it fails on both levels for me. The game play was reworked removing features from past AC games that were great, while replacing them with half baked features. It just felt less of a complete game than any of the past AC games aside from maybe the first game. Also the story was very disappointing to the point that it seems like they never had the story planned out, which is sad given the great mystery set up in the first two games.

Runner up would be Mass Effect 3 given how invested i was in the story and characters and having it feel like the ending and most of the side characters and missions were rushed or thrown in. That game should have been the crowned jewel of the series, taking the best of both games and coming to a perfect middle ground. But it seemed even more shooter focused and choices and dialogue options were streamed line even more than mass effect 2. The story just did not end like most were expecting and i felt it did everything it promised it would not do in terms of the level of impact your choices made in the end. What saves it is the history and great memories that one disappointing game can't erase on its own.

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I do think it depends on the game and price because not every game will get away with being 60 bucks. But the main reasons i like the remastered versions is

Ease of access - older games i don't want to roll out older systems and discs become easier to play when they are on the current system. Also when you have a series its always nice having them on one disc.

Playing older games i missed - There are the few gems that fall between the cracks that you miss that can have a second life when the remakes happen. You also get the bonus of them looking and running a little better.

I would also throw in with the current gen systems having more power, It's also cool to see last gen games that pushed those systems get even better when moved to ps4 & xbox one. (tomb raider & last of us)

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Yes, very much so. I think most people who like the game have the reverse effect of having a rough time at the beginning but a few hours in everything starts to click. I feel most people in your boat never really liked the game to begin with but put up with it, waiting for it to get good. I just don't think its the game for you.

The game is not perfect of course but i feel it does difficulty better than most in that the enemies have rules along side the player. They also don't hold your hand to the point of just passing along. The changes in dark souls 2 threw me off a little longer than the other souls game but after i got use to that i don't feel like anything is overly broken or bad. The heart of the souls games is knowing enemy patterns and having your timing down.

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@jadegl: Great read and post! I think that is what rubs me the wrong way when it comes to her videos and points. Her core issues are pretty solid but the context and research don't always hold up for me. This video i think got away from her because open world games and NPC behavior is hard to nail down with them being sandboxes that the player interacts with.

@truthtellah: As many have said i do believe the agenda side of her videos, even if it is a completely noble agenda often steers the research & information side of things to the sidelines. This can create misinformation that paints things in the wrong light. I also feel the tone of her videos feel combative versus constructive. I feel Extra Credit and the Idea channel in general have a good feel to them and are on point most times when covering game topics. Moving pass that i just think we need more thoughtfulness when creating women characters. I don't think we need to do away with strip clubs in open world games or sexy women characters. It just would be nice to have more of a reason for them aside from sexy time or eye candy.

GTA 5 for example could have used some of that creative dynamic side missions for some of the purely eye candy parts. Having worth wild missions that would open up these characters and make them more than a pimp, hooker, and stripper which applies to both men and women. Also GTA 5 could have used some more interesting female leads, or could have done more with some of the smaller female characters. When the writing and depth for men and women improves, i think these problems will become smaller and smaller.