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Thanks for sharing and good luck! It's nice so see the proof of good gaming communities right now with all the negativity. Hope everything works out.

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I figured it out. Dan is a boy, he's a 12 year old that never grew up. The way he eats, how he doesn't drink coffee or tea, he never tries new foods. He loves wrestling and has action figures and still has his pogs. His general lack of life knowledge. He loves all the things a 12 year old from the 80s would love and his tastes never evolved.

Not saying any one of those things are bad or childish. But if you described the personality traits of Dan Rykert to me out of context I would assume you were talking about a kid.

That's a perfect way of looking at the enigma that is Dan Rykert. He is pretty much captain marvel.

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I just want more Vinny. I miss him in the podcast and i miss his dynamic with the other crew members. So hopefully they can get a podcast going with Patrick and find some interesting content they can add to giant bomb. I'm sure it just a matter of getting settled in and finding their groove.

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I really enjoyed when they did the quick look for Akiba's Trip 2. Maybe they should play through Akiba's Trip 1.

75% of the game seemed to be incredibly tedious dialog that they mostly skipped... Nah.

We're talking Dan and Jeff here, I'd like to see them play a game that Jeff truly truly reveres. These days, everything Jeff plays is either (rightfully) poo-pooed or "alright". I wanna see Jeff genuinely, passionately liking something, but it's gotta be long enough for a decent sized endurance run too.

And with that I am at a complete loss as to what they should play...

It's entirely possible the dialogue is front loaded to serve as exposition and they were skipping through it to get to the combat. It was a long quick look with very little gameplay shown. If they had the time to stop and make fun of every dumb line of dialogue then it could be really entertaining.

I think the game you are describing is Borderlands or Diablo 3, which is fine I guess, but I think what makes a good endurance run game is something from their gaming blind spot. They didn't really know what to expect with Persona 4 or Deadly Premonition and those were great ERs. They knew what to expect from Chrono Trigger and that was just OK. I don't really know what Dan's blind spot is like but I think anime games are a safe bet.

I don't think i could take a dan/jeff run of akiba trip. It was ok for 20 30mins but it will just turn into them saying anime/Japanese games are dumb.

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If it was like a wrestling league or something i would be down but i much prefer Dan and Drew to do a Endurance run as i have liked their chemistry the most.

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I guess it's Dan charm but i find it weird or very unworldly to be out of the loop on some of these things. I guess it makes things interesting as we learn more about Dan.

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Waiting on reviews, but there is a 50/50 chance of not getting either of them. If unity gets rave reviews than i may jump back in but aside from that i can wait until i they are super cheap.

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Never mind the fact that the PS4 version is going to look and run better to boot!

Yah but sadly the PS4 version won't fix the rather half baked gameplay, sadly!

Need more information, because this does not compute.

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It works pretty well but i don't think it works for something that requires fast reflexes or no lag inputs. I use it often for non intense game play that does not depend on fast actions.

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I don't know why this is news worthy as there never was any words of this happening. Also when has a hd remake had a discount program aside from upgrading at launch of the xbone and ps4. I say you can wait for a deal if you don't want to double dip, as i'm sure by holiday there will be some kind of deal on it.