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@crysack said:

I honestly think it sucks. I played a ton of the original mod which had a much more methodical pace and vastly superior map design. The retail version just plays like a low-budget CS when you get down to it - nothing like either the original mod or the likes of Raven Shield.

It's not like counter strike go at all i hate that game to it's core. LIke i said its just like the old rainbow 6 games.

And @ h0lgr No one played rainbow for the single player its all about the multiplayer in that game.

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Everyone needs a copy of Insurgency.

I picked this game up on steam sale and i have to say it brings the old fear i had in hardcore shooters that i haven't felt since rainbow 6 three and ghost recon 2. This is what a shooter should be not holding down the button and spaying your way to victory. This game is like the old shooter you better aim and you better use careful burst fire or you are dead. I love having to go back to the days where you and your team had to carefully clear the room or area because you don't have time to turn around and spray and still win. In this game 1 or 3 shots and your dead, you're out say good night. You can respawn if your alive teammates capture a point( suck on that snipers you have to play the objective for once). Great game a huge and beautiful throwback to the great shooters and i have put Call of duty and Battlefield 4 down for a good long time because of it. And you can buy this game on steam for 10 dollars you cant beat that.

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I picked this game up on steam summer sale for 6 bucks after seeing the steam browser video of it. And i have to say it's the rainbow 6 game that ubisoft is too stupid to give us. Just like how they turned Ghost recon into a call of duty clone with tiny maps they are trying to do the same with rainbow 6. Well forget ubisoft this game is so good its like if Rainbow 6 three and Counter Strike had a baby you would get this game. Its a hardcore shooter with people who loved those old games. For 10 dollars i may never play BF4 or call of duty again its that good. It only needs the mod community to make maps for it and its game over.

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@mb: Man you guys have to buy Insurgency for 10 dollars its the game of the year. If you loved old rainbow 6 games this game is for you. If counterstrike and rainbow 6 three had a baby it would be this game. Its a hardcore shooter that rewards skill and i dont have to wait for ubisoft to stop turning our ghost recons and rainbow 6 games into call of duty. I tell you this is your game.

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Cool ill look for you lol

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@carlos1408: It's their friends that they allow to hack. Recalled out a admin on atlanta server because people had 30 c4 after a server wide wipe. The admin said it was russian hackers then we found out these people were in his group. So we called him out on spawning c4 for his friends. Also we found out that the people teleporting into our houses and flying in the map was his friends was well. We told the other players and he banned like 20 of us. Then he banned some more for asking why we got banned lol.

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@wolfgame: We found out the hard way that its really the admins allowing it. Even when players report hackers the admins would kick you for reporting the hackers. So that what made us buy our own server. And the aimbot crap i havent seen it yet or people flying we kick them fast if they do. But i could be because we are a new server as well.

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Seasonic is great they make alot of other peoples components like corsair and Antec.

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Just press F1 in game menu and enter this command net.connect

Make sure you dont leave spaces in front and come play with us. No cheating will be allowed, you will be banned unlike a lot of servers on rust now.

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So if you guys want to play Rust we dont tolerate cheaters and we demand people play fair. If anyone is caught cheating they will be banned.

If you guys want to play Rust just press f1 in the game menue and put in this direct connect command net.connect Make sure there isnt any spaces before the command or it wont work. Its called the server.