What's a Baku?

Battlefield 4 trailer was titled "Fishing in Baku" and some of you may be wondering whats a Baku, and what does it have to do with Battlefield 4? Luckily for you I'm gun nerd and know about the location. For about 6 years I did some IT work in the oil biz. To make sure I wasn't ignorant of what our company was doing, and just general interest I started looking into places we did business in.

What is a baku?

Map From Google

Baku is not a thing, its a city in the country of Azerbaijan, and unless you are into world politics or the petro-chem industry you probably have never heard of it (hipster). What make Baku special is that its a petro-chem processing power house! It not only has oil to drill, but has an abundance of the equipment required to turn crude into other useful things like gasoline. They have so much processing power sometimes other countries ship their crude to be processed there. The country also sits right between Russia and Iran, two countries prominent in world politics, the oil industry and in the game Battlefield 3.

What does it have to do with Battlefield 4

Map from BP

Well if things are escalating in the direction that battlefield 3 was suggesting, this is an important spot for Russian forces to take hold. Some oil from Baku is shipped to Europe via a pipeline. You may notice Georgia on the map. If you recall in 2008 there was news about Georgia, it was mostly in concern to this pipeline. Sovereignty and good relations in Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan is very important to the EU. So in the nightmare world of World War 3 that Battlefield 3 and 4 are depicting seizing Baku would be a primary objective of Russian military forces. It would allow them secure the oil fields and processing plants that they need to fuel their war machine, plus hinder EU's economy and Military.


Level'n up my duder

The new update to Giant Bomb with the quests and levels is pretty awesome!
So far I have the day 1 achivement (no hints), and a few of the others.
I am stuck on the damn fantasy monster one. I HAVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE! for a cliche its hard to find. :P


Fun with submissions

I decided to try this submission thing out.
I decided to start small and made some light edits to some games. After a few edits, I decided... "hey there is no 'cyberpunk' concept".
So I decided to add "cyberpunk", and "steampunk" because they are common game concepts, and on a whim, I realized that "Fashion" wasn't there either, so I added it too.
Both cyberpunk and steampunk were denied, but Fashion wasn't.
Not only does my "new submissions" say fashion, I need to add fashion to games now, I'm only going to do like 4 games.
Man I was so psyched to add cyberpunk to some of my favorite games.



PAX 2008

I finally decided to use this "blog" thing I heard so much about.
I don't own a cape or goggles, but I think I'll do fine.

I came back from PAX, and I brought some pictures! :D
The show was awesome, however it wasn't all perfect. :p
It was near impossible to see anything that took place on the main show floors, like the Penny-Arcade panel, Farcry 2 Demo, Fallout 3 Demo, or any of the concerts. I heard on some new outlets that 58,000+ people showed up for the thing!
If given the choice to go again, I would say yes, it was well worth it, and plus Seattle is f'ing beautiful.

Farcry 2 They just set it up, its playing off a 360 Dev box. Its being shown by Clint Hawking, Creative Director.
Aion, the sleeper hit. For a Korean MMO (NC Soft) it was super fun!
Nintendo's Answer to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. lulz
Escalators to heaven. Note just because you ascend, it doesn't guarantee you get to go in. The lines for all the major events were depressingly long, and most of the time, 1/2 or more of the people waiting, were turned away.