Pokemon Relapse

If you told me that I'd spend over 50 hours on another Pokemon game I'd call you crazy. My period with Pokemon was an obsessive period back in the 90's when the Pokemon TV show became big. Like most kids in that period I played Pokemon Red and loved it. One of my favorite genres has always been RPG's and Pokemon's unique take on it was brilliant. As a fan of art it's mostly due to the design of the Pokemon which has been a big factor in which Pokemon I'll be putting in my 6 man team. I've found the choice of which Pokemon to be with for my journey to be a tough choice considering how many Pokemon I love art wise. Plus I found most of them to be ideal for any situation. It adds even more choices with which 4 moves you want your Pokemon to have for combat(4 moves has been too little for me). With that said I played every single Pokemon game up until the DS games came out. I was in the high school period in which you wanted to act cool and at the time Pokemon wasn't. Like a lot of people that are playing Pokemon X/Y it feels good to be back home.


I don't think I'm a sucker for nostalgia and yet I've still been oddly charmed by Pokemon Y. The whole concept of letting a young child go out into the wild and have an adventure just days after moving into a new town is just strange. If any parents are playing this game I doubt they'd enjoy the concept of letting their kid explore the world by themselves. Obviously the Pokemon Universe is an alternate one in which Pokemon exist as our so called friends that we battle with. The sheer brutality that our Poke friends have to endure remind me of the horrors of actual cock fighting. It's strange that a beloved kid's series has that kind of resemblance. The other aspect that has also gained my interest is the Pokemon Center. In this universe we've actually achieved spontaneous universal health care for these monsters and these centers do heal them for free. Pokemon death also hasn't been as hard hitting as it was like in Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower graveyard section. The town theme still gives me the chills to this day.

So the new Pokemon game doesn't change the formula too much. The biggest addition for me is seeing a lot of new Pokemon that were introduced in the 4th and 5th gen. Pokemon veterans won't agree with that point but it feels like a brand new game to me. I'll admit to staying up late in order to look up certain Pokemon that I hadn't battled before on the internet. This also made my quest to catch every Pokemon that I would see be more important than ever before. They also introduced a brand new Pokemon type which is called fairy and is basically a nightmare for any dragon Pokemon. The addition was great to me since I'd always thought that dragon Pokemon were thought of as first class citizens when compared to other Pokemon. The best new thing about the game are the visuals which is huge considering how many animations had to be made for 800+ Pokemon and a lot of different moves to account for. I was a fan of sprites but I'm glad that the handheld games have finally gone 3D. The open world is also 3D with 4 way movement being removed in order to introduce free movement for your trainer.

Speaking of your trainer I love that they finally added customization for your trainer as you can now buy clothes for them. I've easily spent most of my money on new clothes for my trainer. My only complaint is that you don't have many options overall and it's crazy that you can't see all the clothes items instead of flying to different shops that have different clothes that isn't available everywhere. I've spent a lot of time with the online features which are improved from my previous experience with the Pokemon games. The PSS system is surprising considering how bad most of the online systems are for 3DS games. My favorite feature has easily been Wonder Trade which lets you trade your Pokemon for any random Pokemon. I've had a lot of laughs getting ridiculous trades such as trading a Weedle for a Gengar. The worst aspect of it is being taken out of the internet for closing the 3DS or going to the home screen. This process is poor and I wish it was better. Pokemon Y doesn't change the series for good but it's a big improvement for me. It's great to see these Pokemon in 3D for the first time on handhelds. I'm in love with Pokemon again.

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Posted by Chemystery

I'm really enjoying the game too but I have some issues. I feel like pokemon is progressing and a depressingly slow rate. Every time they add a good feature in a previous game they remove it the next generation. Where is my pokedex broken down by route, difficulty slider, pokemon walking behind me, or shinies seen counter on the front of the pokedex? They did many things right this time around but I find myself wanting more from it. It's 2013, why can't the AI switch pokemon yet to get type advantages? I also have some small quarrels with GameFreak pandering to the audience (Charizard having two MegaEvolutions and pikachu being the only pokemon to say it's name).

Perhaps I am expecting too much from a video game where I as a 21 year old male am not the target audience. That being said, they did a lot better on the internet usage and the new EXP share is awesome. However I won't be surprised if these new features get the boot next generation. I enjoy the game but I'm still going to ask for more.

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@chemystery: X/Y panders to the audience in like a hundred different ways, which is mostly just fine, but giving Charizard two mega-evos does kind of rub me the wrong way. I can't help but feel like it's a bit of a middle-finger to everyone who didn't pick Charmander. Not to mention there's so many other Pokemon that deserve one more.

Posted by Phatmac

I think most of GameFreaks time was spent on translating these Pokemon to 3D and having separate animations for over 800+ monsters. This is also even more difficult considering how many different moves require different new animations. I'm betting they spent most of their time on that. I think the next game on the 3DS will be better for sure.