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I hope it's good. I've disliked Star Wars for a while now so I hope they can win me back.

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Press release says that the Extended Universe is no more for the new movies.

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Disney also owns Indiana Jones now.

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Some strong wind in Georgia, but mostly worried about my friends in NJ. Be smart duders!

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Cool, I guess.

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It is time to fight for the Revolution in AC3 so why not have one for us duders? Post your PSN ID on here and your availability to play the game online and I'll set up a list here for PSN duders to go out and stab each other! Let's get to adding why don't we!

Post you PSN ID and an avilable time as to when you'll be able to play the game. ( t makes it easier to set event dates.)

Giant Bomb DudersPSN IDAvailability
PhatmacBlazeluminosWeekends(Going to try to beat the story first before I start playing online.)
awesomeusernameanti-altair16Weekdays and weekends.
Winterwolf79Winterwolf79Weekends after 6PM(PST).
FredchuckdaveValgresasMostly on for most days.
JumbsJumboCacAustralian Time!
MooseyMcManJusticeMooseDon't expect much.
TepidSharkTepidSharkWon't be on much early on.
DonChipotleLanzir04any day
FancySoapsManSpiralStairsSany day after 10pm
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Updated the list so get to adding PSN duders! I'll be posting some game night events after I get my copy. You guys can start doing some events with each other if you wish.

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I NEED THIS GAME. (I like the fake apple logo)