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Not that surprising since the owners have played this series yearly for the past 3 years. I'm getting it today so these reviews don't matter to me.

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Shut up Tenplar. You don't want me to discover the truth!!!!!!

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Weird since MW3 ended the story if MW. Guess I shouldn't be shocked about it.

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Better. You have to have more talent(either through musical talent or marketing) to succeed these days. People remember the best parts of music when discussing the past. People have to realize that there was a ton of shit back than too.

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@laserbolts: @Mcfart: @flindip: @Phatmac:

For a moment there I thought the giantbomb community was special and that this site was the place for informed and intelligent debat.

Then I remembered this is still the fucking internet and there is no place above personal insults on the internet.

Seriously, you guys on the first page, try to make a point instead of shiting on some dude's face because you dont like him very much.

Mc Shea is clearly not mean spirited and doesn't deserve that kind of treatment from us.

You cannot be more off base on this topic Calm down.
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And the award for stupid thread poster goes to ______….

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@frosty_buds said:

Use to seeing it by now, is it coming out this week?

It's monday so it won't be coming out today! Wait for tomorrow duder.

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A shame that I have to remove my Optimus Prime avatar helmet in order to wear this. :\

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What a massive egomaniac. Why is he suddenly writing an article for this particular game considering military shooters have been doing this for ages now? To come back and write this article just comes off as a vindictive I told you so kind of move.

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