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You don't expect anyone to read this right?

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Just got Mutant Blobs Attack!

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So sorry to read this. :(

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Yeah, that's what I figured.

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It's like Final Fantasy as it has some recurring themes of war against rival nations and names that are common in the series like jelly and arts. There are sequels to certain games, but most Tales games have new characters and a new story. I didn't much care for Graces F and I recommend you get a copy of Tales of Vesperia as it is my favorite Tales game.

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You lost me when you said that Bush was your favorite president. I respect the Republican Party but that statement is insane to even say in jest.

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@Phatmac: Thanks. Heh, well, next tournament will be a cross-site one, so I guess that new name wouldn't really work.

Which site?
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Congratulations to the winner of the 4th GB P4A PS3 tournament:

  1. FluxWaveZ
  2. MDYu
  3. aznjon09

Rest of the results are here.

These tourneys should just be called the Flux cup at some point. Congrats.
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Nah, but I do have a YouTube game commentary channel. I'd like to stream stuff but I don't have the resources. I'm sure some duders on here stream stuff.

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You should probably fix your priorities for the impending storm.