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Hello everybody and welcome back to the #Bombslaunched podcast! I haven't posted episodes in a long while so I decided to let you all know that we're still making more episodes. Go subscribe to us on iTunes or listen to all our episodes here: On this episode we celebrate Mother's day the best way we can with completely ignoring our moms and just talking about games. We're glad to be back on the forums!

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@cmblasko: considering there never was a crystal remake I highly doubt it, unfortunately.

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@meatball: I love third gen, just thought that the pokemon were better than silver and gold in general plus you could have cool secret bases and other crazy shit. I would've loved an emerald remake better though.

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It's kind of amazing how the WWE has ruined both Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts in one fell swoop.

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Gonna be really sad when this happens to High Moon and Raven. :(((

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Love Spelunky and I can't wait to see what Yu makes next.

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$86.4 million

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Pokemon have invaded the real world! The only way to catch them is to use the Google Maps app on the iOS app store and the Android Market. For their own April Fool's joke you can now catch Pokemon! Let this handy youtube video explain this whole thing!

Go on and catch'em all trainers! Post below if you've found some areas that have Pokemon in them. You may want to start of on Tokyo, Japan.