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RIP Giant Bomb. :(

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Battlenet: phatmac#1699. Classes: Mage, Hunter, Priest

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Hello everybody and welcome back to the #Bombslaunched podcast! I haven't posted episodes in a long while so I decided to let you all know that we're still making more episodes. Go subscribe to us on iTunes or listen to all our episodes here: On this episode we celebrate Mother's day the best way we can with completely ignoring our moms and just talking about games. We're glad to be back on the forums!

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@cmblasko: considering there never was a crystal remake I highly doubt it, unfortunately.

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@meatball: I love third gen, just thought that the pokemon were better than silver and gold in general plus you could have cool secret bases and other crazy shit. I would've loved an emerald remake better though.

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It's kind of amazing how the WWE has ruined both Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts in one fell swoop.

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Gonna be really sad when this happens to High Moon and Raven. :(((

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Love Spelunky and I can't wait to see what Yu makes next.