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It's kind of amazing how the WWE has ruined both Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts in one fell swoop.

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Gonna be really sad when this happens to High Moon and Raven. :(((

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Love Spelunky and I can't wait to see what Yu makes next.

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$86.4 million

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Pokemon have invaded the real world! The only way to catch them is to use the Google Maps app on the iOS app store and the Android Market. For their own April Fool's joke you can now catch Pokemon! Let this handy youtube video explain this whole thing!

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Go on and catch'em all trainers! Post below if you've found some areas that have Pokemon in them. You may want to start of on Tokyo, Japan.

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Matt Bodega would've been a good hire but he's at Sony now. Other than that I'd like a video guy to let Drew and Vinny be on videos more. More video guys would also allow the staff to go on more events.

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Don't spend money on Shaq Fu 2.

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Listen here:

Ghostiet went down a deep dark hole of horrifying games while the rest of us spectated from above. Luckily @reddenblack brought us some joy with his journey through South Park: The Stick of Truth. @believer258 joins us with some JRPG talk with Ni No Kuni. Lastly, @phatmac joins Ghostiet with depressing discussion of The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 2. We also discussed both Jack Treton and Amy Henning's departure. We also talked about how bad of a idea a indiegogo for Shack Fu 2 is. Don't spend actual money on that.