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For Science!

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Kinda disappointed that they changed it from You are slave to You are a slave. Super pumped to see anything that let's me know more about this game.

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It doesn't run all that well but I liked the game enough for that to not matter as much. If it's the only way you'll be able to play the game I'd say go for it.

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Wish I could go to PAX this year. :(

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Don't forget that the 3DS game Persona Q is coming in fall.

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This is great duder!

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Listen to the episode here:

The gang tells tales of winter storms which forced to stay indoors and play a lot of video games. Mainly just Dark Souls.

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I guess Infinite's long dev process cost a fortune. It sucks that Infinite was a popular game that had critical fame as a great game. I'm sure Ken didn't want to let go of most of the staff but it had to since 2k didn't think Irrational was making enough money to keep it working. This is crazy news, I won't say that I'm glad Ken gets to make new games with creative freedom as many people have just lost a lot of jobs. It's a heart breaking reminder that game development is a risky business that no one is safe from.

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they threw the fire stone!!

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Probably a budget cut or budget increase. It'll be interesting for sure.