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I guess Infinite's long dev process cost a fortune. It sucks that Infinite was a popular game that had critical fame as a great game. I'm sure Ken didn't want to let go of most of the staff but it had to since 2k didn't think Irrational was making enough money to keep it working. This is crazy news, I won't say that I'm glad Ken gets to make new games with creative freedom as many people have just lost a lot of jobs. It's a heart breaking reminder that game development is a risky business that no one is safe from.

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they threw the fire stone!!

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Probably a budget cut or budget increase. It'll be interesting for sure.

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I'm with you on the lack of content on the site that isn't Patrick related. I feel that Giant Bomb needs big new changes in order to evolve from what it is. I've noticed a continuing trend of the crew just getting older and not really caring about games as much as they used to. They certainly don't play as many games as they used to considering how little amount of games they actually discuss on the podcast. I'm also upset at the lack of knowledge that they have towards big stories like the Flappy Bird story which the guys only looked into recently. Patrick is still great at the news stuff so I feel he should always be on the podcast for the news section. I'm also angry at Brad's smug attitude towards some games like Bravely Default and other niche games like that which aren't dota. Drew is a fine guy but I don't think he's a guy that has much to say about games which is fine for giant bomb. I think gb should hire new people that can bring on new shows and do quick looks for games that the rest of the crew simply can't do. I mean where the hell is the banner saga quick look? They need a stronger schedule for quick looking games. UPF is also mostly boring with the crew covering games that aren't great for live shows. I miss them playing co-op games together or older dumb games that'd be funny like Beverly Hills Cop. In general giant bomb needs more video guys and production guys in order to give the staff more time to play games and make new shows. I can't get too angry since the death of Ryan Davis has hurt giant bomb. I still love the site and will continue to support them but I hope they take these criticisms to heart or at least try to do new and different things. Pathfinder is a great example of this. Just try new stuff and see how it works.

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Accents certainly can't hurt.

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  • 2005: Resident Evil 4
  • 2006: Okami
  • 2007: COD 4
  • 2008: The world ends with you
  • 2009: Dragon Age: Origins
  • 2010: Mass Effect 2
  • 2011: Portal 2
  • 2012: Sleeping Dogs
  • 2013: Dota 2
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Oh right I forgot that you can't have a swear word as a forum topic so I've changed it to be a little more PC!

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Listen to the episode here:

Welcome everybody to the #Bombslaunched special super bowl recap show! We go over everything from the big game including what went wrong, which commercial was the worst, and rate Bruno Mars half time show! Besides our great coverage of the game we talk about video games too! @reddenblack goes over his love of Dark Souls, @arclightborealis continues to play Japanese games that none of us know about, @phatmac finally plays Final Fantasy 13-2, and @believer258 plays more Shin Megami Tensei games. We discuss Atlanta's crazy snow storm disaster, Nintendo's financial troubles, Gears is back, where's DOOM 4, Elder Scrolls 5/Fallout 4 speculation, and why arclight doesn't like Halo.

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Liking what I'm hearing so far. Hope it isn't too dark though. I loved Persona 4 for the fun attitude it had. I still hope that it's different from the older persona games. I want to be surprised.

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  2. Quick Look: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance(PC)
  3. Quick Look: Nidhogg