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@zurv: If you're friend with the person you can copy his/hers emblem to your library.

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  • Gave her the money.
  • Lied to Beast
  • Went to see Toad first.
  • Lawrence committed suicide
  • Suspecting Faith's pimp (at least until reaching the end)
  • Arrested that tweedle fella

Really loved it. Got so amazed with the small details they put into the game and how the graphical style is distinct for Fables, while being very much recognizable as Telltale's brand. Especially like when you chased Tweedle to two doors and the obvious would have been to go through the open door, had it not been for the room number on the closed door waving slowly as if it had just been slammed shut. Also glad they ditched the most of the button mashing QTE's in favor of the aim and trigger actions. Felt a lot tighter and more intense.

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Had hard locks every third hour or so. Had to replay a large portion of the last mission since it started me out back at the ship when I hit continue.

Bit annoying to say the least.

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@rorie: I will back whatever the Bombsquad agrees on to honor Ryan's memory.

Ryan and the Bombsquad have given me five years of laughter and serious journalism that I can count on. It's the least I can do to return the favor.

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Pretty lost for words... Ryan's been a great person to listen to throughout the years. :(

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Funny.. when BF3 was shown at E3 for the first time I was unemployed. Now I had the fortune of seeing the EA conference from the DICE office. Sure was a wild feeling.

Hope you enjoyed what you've seen so far. There will be more I can assure you that. :)

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Been a while since I looked at the game. Kinda left it behind when I was laid off and the studio had to close.

Might have to dust it off and take a look at it again.

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Been an awesome year of hard work and amazing response from the players.

18 months ago I was unemployed and about to give up and go back to school. Instead got a shot at BF3. Definitely worth it.