Wii Installed Base is Growing Quickly

During E3, Nintendo gave a presentation to analysts about the company's new offerings and its current status. Reggie Fils-Aime presented the above slide, which shows the startling truth about the Wii's installed base in the United States: in its fourth year on the market, it's larger than the ubiquitous PlayStation 2's installed base at the same point in its life, by a margin of almost five million units. Of course, the PS2 has had a spectacularly long lifespan after that, with Sony announcing  7.2 million units  sold just last year.

Later in the presentation, Reggie revealed that around 300,000 units of the black Wii console have been sold since its May 9 introduction in North America, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is "approaching 900,000 units here in the U.S."

Nintendo just can't stop selling Wiis. This is probably the strangest thing I have ever seen; I have never seen something this popular keep selling after 4 years. It is absolutely crazy, and Nintendo's Wii and DS print money. 


Sony Boss Slams on 3DS

 Nintendo caused quite a stir at the E3 gaming expo with its glasses-free Nintendo 3DS. In an interview with Japan's Sankei, Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai had this to say about the glasses-free 3D tech:
"In in-house research, naked eye 3D for portable machines is not high and there are presently limits for it."
Sony has always done this before with Nintendo, but usually later down the line they will release a PSP with 3D capabilities that doesn't have 3D glasses. I really don't think Nintendo has anything to worry about it, they already have their fans hooked on the 3DS, now they just need to sell it. 


Nintendo 3DS coming to Europe March 2011?

 It appears that Nintendo of Europe might have jumped the gun to soon, because they might have announced the Nintendo 3DS release date sooner than expected.  If this rumor is true Europe should have the 3DS in their hands on March 2011, and they will have Paper Mario 3D on March 25th, 2011.  
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Zelda Marathon for charity

 We all know that gamers have good hearts, and to show you have a good heart be sure to donate for cancer treatment and research. Although since we are gamers, we want games to go with our good deeds. So you can watch the live stream that is being brought to you by Mcgamer. I hope you enjoy, and be sure to donate.     

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Iwata Talks about 3DS Pricing

One thing that Nintendo didn't reveal was a price for the 3DS. However, the President of Nintendo is talking about a possible price point. This is what he had to say:

"I have to refrain from talking specifically about the price point. What I can confirm is that, in terms of the production costs, it will cost more than the costs for the Nintendo DS today. Having said that, we believe we will produce enough value worthy of the production cost. We do not think we have to sell the products below cost.” -Saturo Iwata

I personally would pay 250 dollars for a 3DS, but anything over that would be a little over doing it. We will keep you updated with this story as it develops. 
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Wii HD, more like Wii 3D

It seems like it has been years that we have heard talks from Nintendo fans, and even the mainstream media that Nintendo will release a successor to Wii with High Definition capabilities. Nintendo has shot down all of those rumors, but now Nintendo is interested in making a successor to the Wii with 3D capabilities.

Nintendo's president Saturo Iwata informed the Japanese newspaper Nikkei that he is watching the 3D TV market very closely. He also said, “If you display a 3D image, the image quality becomes extremely bad, so we’d probably do it with the next system”, he said. “We’re thinking that the timing should be once the 3D television adoption rates crosses the 30% mark. We’re looking at the adoption trends.”

I really can't express anymore how much I hate 3D. It is such a gimmick. But if Nintendo can find away to make 3D work at home, then I might be a little sold on 3D. We will keep an eye on this story, as it continues to develop.  
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Let's Talk: DJ Hero 2

 Okay so DJ Hero 2 was announced awhile back before E3 even started, and I actually was impressed with it. I like the potential interesting gameplay with two turntables instead of one, and the ability to sing the songs. However I did not like the first DJ hero, and I probably was the only one that didn't like it. I really just found the original kind of boring, and not really that interesting. The sequel changes those thoughts in everyway. This is the one game I am looking forward to this year, and that is hard for me to say when I am talking about a music game.