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#1 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

Finally: the redder, browner Army of Two we've been waiting for.

#2 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

Like every other Nintendo peripheral, game developers will either not bother supporting it, be required by Nintendo to make the game fully-functional without it, or be required to pack it in with any game that does require it.

#3 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

I wonder how many of the removed OnLive coupons were "discarded" as instructed, and how many were just pocketed by employees for personal use or resale.

#4 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

GameStop is notorious for selling opened copies as NEW. Maybe this'll lead someone to do something about it.

#5 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

Man, Megacorporation A are a bunch of soulless greedy bastards! Megacorporation B would never let me down.

Guys, let's all boycott Megacorporation A! Until a month from now when they release an enticing product we all end up buying anyway because we forgot why we were angry in the first place.

#6 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

The PS3 doesn't upscale PS1 or PS2 games; I don't know why people were expecting any different of the new Wii.

#7 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

Not betting my avatar on this, but looking forward to seeing how far-off I was! 

#8 Edited by Phenwah (58 posts) -

I just want EA to put out a game called "Madden" and release yearly roster updates as DLC. It's not like anything else changes year to year.

#9 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

As an aside, it really rubs me the wrong way when people use IP Relay for pranking purposes. It's a service for deaf people to call their friends and loved ones, not for assholes on the internet to tie up the lines.

#10 Posted by Phenwah (58 posts) -

Game manuals have been pretty lackluster these days, anyway -- Ubisoft's put out a couple of games where the manual was just a single sheet folded in half: front-side logo, left-insert legals, right-insert controls, back-side advertisement.

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