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Alright I guess, got a C in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, was really hoping on a B. I guess I am more of a C+ student with aspirations of getting on that B plateau.

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I removed both of my bottom wisdom teeth this summer, after removing the stitches I started eating normal food. I would recommend eating food that doesn't require a lot of chewing and doesn't get stuck in the wound. Salmon filet worked for me, chicken if sliced up into small pieces. You could try pizza if it hurts too much stop, no point in feeling pain with every bite.

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Well I for one am excited for some more Witcher, and I like how CD Projekt do things.

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How much would I have to pay to get a PC that runs Battlefield 4 with ultra settings 60+ FPS? I am wondering because if it is a fair comparison based on price.

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From the Steam news page for Bioshock 2

" If you have already purchased BioShock 2 through a different digital partner, we’ve got you covered. Simply take the same game activation key you already own and “activate” it within Steam. Doing this will grant you access to BioShock 2, all of its multiplayer and Protector Trials DLC, as well as Minerva’s Den – the single player story-driven add-on that includes new weapons, enemies, and plasmids!"

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I am unprepared4battle

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Could somebody let the UN investigators do their thing before hitting the missile button?

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Have you tried JoyToKey? Haven't tried it myself but I think it may be a solution.

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Let's hope it doesn't become as biased as the Arabic version

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I think the tap water in Norway tastes amazing, when I on vacation in other countries I usually try out different brands of bottled water to find the one I enjoy the most.