GiantBombers I Need Your Help!

Hello GiantBombers, I need your honest advice on some technology purchases.  
My Xbox 20 gig died almost 6 months ago. Thankfully I've been able to play my PS3 more and have not been totally out of the gaming loop. However I will be moving soon and I need to purchase a new Xbox console as well as a new laptop, had it since 2005 and it's dying out.  I've always been a PC guy but as I work more in the audio/video field I felt as though a MacBook Pro would be an excellent purchase to start diving in deeper...I know, that's what she said...I have the funds to purchase a MacBook Pro but since Dell has been doing a deal where if you purchase a laptop of $699.99 or more you get a free Xbox 360 Slim 4GB system.  I'm thinking, maybe I can kill two birds with one stone, new laptop and free 360. I'll drop another $100 on a 250 GB HD.  Plus I'll save about $500 more than what I would have spent on the Mac. I need to make decision within the next month, or whenever the Dell deal ends, and I want to here what you Bombers think is the best way to move forward. Again, not looking for you to tell me what to do but more of suggestions and anything I may be overlooking.
Thanks in advance!


DC Universe Online For Xbox

Lately my brother and I have been debating why DC Universe Online is not on the Xbox.  My brother believes the Xbox hardware is not capable of handling the size of the game and would require multiple discs to play.
My position is 1. It's made by Sony Online Entertainment, 2. Microsoft would want a cut of the monthly subscription fee, and 3. Microsoft would want to control how updates are pushed to the game and also want to charge users for that content.
Excluding the first reason, do you think there will ever be a subscription based MMO to come to the Xbox 360?  Please end this sibling bickering.


Me - 1 Microsoft - 0

My previous blog was E 74 error. Well my baby is back and business and here's how I did it.  
I put two screwdrivers in both fans blocking them from spinning, unplugged the hdmi cable, and let the console overheat. All the lights started to flash and the console powered down. I turned it off, removed the screwdrivers, and plugged the hdmi cable back in.  Powered it up she's all well. For a while at least...  


Not like this....Not like this....

You see the picture. E 74 error screen and it's no longer under warranty.  I tried unplugging everything and replacing the HDMI cables with the Xbox AV cables but no help. Last thing I played before it died was Mass Effect 1. I guess the graphics were too much for it to handle. Any help would be welcomed as I cannot spare the extra to purchase a new or refurbished one at the moment. 
 P.S. This is what went through my mind when the error screen appeared. 


Longest Game Credits Ever....

So I just finished Splinter Cell Conviction around 2am this morning.  It was a fairly good game overall with a pretty sweet ending.  But the credits...I mean really?  When your 360 fades out 5 times because no one has been touching the controls for a while, that's a sign that your credits are too long.  So long in fact that the music ended.  So I sat there looking at rolling credits in total silence and thinking to myself, "You have got to be kidding me."  I'm sure they noticed that the music score ended when putting this together.  Is it too much to ask to play the same song over and over?  Just a little weekend rant. Going to knock out a few co-op missions and then get back to Red Dead Redemption.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!


The PS3 That Almost Never Was...

I am official apart of the PlayStation 3 Family *group hugs PS3 members* but the process to get there almost never happened. 
Due to the shortage of PS3's I decided to purchase one from $299.99 no tax and I even got free 2 day shipping. I ordered it on Thursday (3/4/10) and FedEx says I would have it on Monday (3/8/10) which is today at 4:30pm.  Since I knew no one would be home around that time I decided to take a half day at work.  I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding the slip and having to go to my local post office and pick it up. 
So today at work before leaving I check to tracking and what do I find, "Package Delivered." Package delivered where!? It's only 1pm, how is this possible!?  I work about 30 mins from home and I try to remain calm.  They wouldn't leave my PS3 on my door step of course not they aren't that dumb.  But if they did oh no...I live 2 blocks from a high school. This is not good. I get home around 2ish and lucky the PS3 was still there propped up in my front door and screen door.  While I could have just let it slide I wanted answers and wanted them fast. 
I called Amazon and told  that FedEx was suppose to ask for a signature but didn't for some reason.  That is not normal for them to leave a item such as that on the door step.  They transfer me to FedEx who has a different story.  FedEx claims that put the label on the package at the warehouse.  The label did not indicate that package needed a signature, because of this the driver would not have known.  I call Amazon back and they confirm that a mistake was made with the labeling and apologize repeatedly.  They recommend I file a complaint because they want to investigate why this happened and improve their service.  Here is the e-mail I sent them. 

 My Playstation 3 was delivered by FedEx and left on my door step this morning. No one was home and no signature was received. After speaking with FedEx customer service I was told that the label was printed by at the warehouse and it did not indicate that a signature was required. This is why the driver left the package on my door step instead of leaving a slip.

I am very disturbed because there is a high school 2 blocks from my home and anyone could have taken the package. Since the item is over $300 shouldn't this have been labeled correctly? If so where did the error happening during the order processing?

 After speaking with your customer service, Anthony M, I was informed that the package should have received a signature required label and that it is not normal protocol for a item such as this to be shipped without one. Thankfully my item was not taken and I have it on my possession. Please follow-up with me as I am very concerned about the shipping process with my future orders through
This was Amazon's response about 3 hours later... 

 I’m truly sorry for any disappointment this situation may have caused. Usually this doesn't happen.

I'm forwarding your feedback about FedEx to our shipping department--I know they'll want to hear about your experience and make sure that this doesn't happen again in future.

We're aware that our choice of delivery services reflects on our business as a whole, and we appreciate your feedback.

I'm very sorry about all of this. I hope you'll consider this an isolated incident and give us another chance in the future.

It is our absolute commitment to provide you the best possible customer service. Should you need any further assistance with this issue, please click the link below to tell us when and where to get in touch with you, and a dedicated customer service representative will contact you by phone to provide resolution.
And here I thought I would get a 30% discount off any item on,  oh well :)
P.S. My PSN is PhilESkyline I need friends.