So I Just Found Out About Tiësto...

I'm really late on this one but this guy's music is off the chain.  Get's me through those long days of coding at work.  My iPod has never been happier.
DJ Hero needs to get on top of this and book him. He would surely move units with ease.  Thought I'd just share this and a video with you all, enjoy!


So I'm Finally Buying A PS3...

I'm buying a PS3 for the month of February and want to know what are the top 3 games (past or present) that I need to have in my collection.
My brother already owns Uncharted 2 and Infamous so I'm good with those.  Heavy Rain and Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 are already on the radar.
P.S. I already have an Xbox 360.

What's Missing In Modern Warfare 2?

IGN has an article about violence and video games and one of their critics,  Michael Thomsen,  spoke on it in the video from ABC News.
He does have a point but I'd like to hear your thoughts. 


If You Could Do It Over Again Knowing What You Know Now...

I'm not talking about life but rather your choice in gaming console. 
If the 360 (120 HD) and PS3 Slim (120 HD) were released on the same day at launch for the same price that they are now ($299.99) and the Wii was ($199.99)  
Knowing what you know now about each console, game selection, membership fees, hardware, online features, and software features.
Would your purchase be different, the same, or nothing at all? Which one would you get and why? 


The Best Bang For Your Buck!

After watching the Quick look for Need for Speed Shift and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 I'm at a crossroads folks and can't seem to choose the best path. 
I really enjoyed the speed, graphics, and easy of play for Need for Speed but I did not like that it's lacking in Career mode.  I'm hopefully that some solid DLC will be released but I don't want to bank on it.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 looked really well polished. The gameplay looks fun and the variety of character selection was acceptable.  I'm sure their will be DLC for this game similar to the first one.
I do enjoy playing online and hear Need for Speed does a fairly good job at it but I wonder how enjoyable the online play is for Marvel.
All that being said, could you guys help me decide what game to purchase?  I would like to play them both but I'm financially at right now.
Thanks in advance folks! 


The Ultimate Setup

This setup is a bit dated as I have recently purchased a new (tube) television. Oh goes nothing...

Prepare to be amazed my friends...amazed....

That's right.... 14inches (I think) of colorful goodness...


Just Made My Monday A Little Bit Better

I received the e-mail about the website being launched soon but was pleasantly surprised that it up and running this morning. I love you all...I believe hugs are in order. But really, the website looks clean guys. Thanks again!