My First Gaming PC Build

Hey GBer's,

I'm planning on building my first PC mainly for gaming (Steam and Origin) and maybe audio/video editing purposes if the build is good. If possible could you provide me with some help.

  1. The budget is $700 to $1,000 (including monitor and speakers if possible)
  2. My hardware expertise is slightly above average but I've been into software and coding most of my life. I'm not sure what hardware plays well with each other or if I should wait for any new hardware on the horizon.
  3. Could you provide me with a build (links would be a bonus) or a website that helps me put together the right components?
  4. I'm going to follow the PC build video from I like how Will took his time and explained basically everything. If you could recommend any other videos I would be grateful.

I'm going to use this blog and provide pictures and maybe video to document my progress.

Thanks in advance!